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Add to your shopping list: Powder bags

Be sure to add powder-toned bags to your shopping list this season.

Especially in spring and summer, you can easily adapt powder tone bags to every combination. In addition to the skin tones, powder pink and blue tones are also interesting colors.

When you dress in very vivid and colorful tones, powder-toned bags will be your savior. Hidden heroes because they have an "invisible" air due to their color... Powder tones will also be a very good alternative if you want to choose accessories in a different but inconspicuous color in your black and white combinations.

You can also apply powder tones when you wear monochrome. Especially those with skin tone will make a difference without disturbing the perception of your outfit.

Powder blue clothing pieces also stand out this year. Blue-and-white striped pieces are especially prominent pieces of clothing of the year and you should definitely try this type of piece with a powder blue bag!

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