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Activities you can do at home by zodiac sign

Light candles, watch action movies, perform African zumba dances and take action by performing dances that will hit your heels on the floor. Try to sweat through simple exercises. You can choose to eat spicy food, try to use brightly colored clothes and accessories.

Fire: It describes vitality, action, existence. In the absence of fire, our bonds are severed from our vital roots and we feel isolated. We feel that our life force is exhausted, that we don't want to do anything. If you're in a situation like this, revive yourself with all your might. And evaluate this process in which we stay at home with simple techniques.

Air out your rooms. Sweep the seats you're sitting on, shake the pillows you're lying on. Use natural room fragrances, close to incense that will change the air of the environment. Jump around. By taking home a simple trampoline you can make this process joyful and moving. Using turquoise-colored clothes and accessories will also help balance your air energy.

Air: If you feel lonely because of what you can't say, have difficulty breathing and have trouble sleeping, you need to balance your air energy. Being very active in the mind can make it impossible for the body to calm down. In such cases, you can stimulate your air energy with very simple techniques.

Make a little piggy bank. Play Puzzle. October flowers. Paint what they do. Integrate with the center of the universe with your feet on the ground. Decorate your walls. Edit frames, pictures. Organize cities, build castles, build with your children's toys. Make plans and programs. Devote your time to programs. Organize your closet. Use cinnamon bark. For example, you can throw it in the water and drink it...

Soil: If you find it difficult to find an empty space in your home, if your fears and worries are worth noting, if you are motivated by future anxiety, you have an imbalance in the energy of the earth element. You may need to make plans and programs. You may want to plan your income and expenses. You can be in the period when you want to have a permanent job, a will. Go ahead, activate your earth element.

You can bathe plenty. You can try sleeping with the sound of rain. You can solve puzzles. You can watch underwater documentaries. You can draw your dreams on a piece of paper. You can make a board and place the places you want to go on the board. You can drink plenty of water and rest your feet with salt water. Foot care will also allow the body's electrical charge to be neutralized.

WATER: If you're having trouble sleeping, if you're making twice as much effort to calm your anxious friends around you, if you're having trouble balancing your emotions and making decisions, if you're having problems that you can't get out of work, you're not able to surrender and stay in the flow. You can try running your water element with simple techniques.

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