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Activities for preschool children

Before you start the game

Remember, he's a little researcher!

The child is eager to explore the surroundings, especially from the moment he starts walking. You may keep an eye on him to protect him from any danger during the game; however, you should give space to recognize the environment by seeing, touching, tasting, smelling.

Give flexibility

There is no need for activities designed with great detail in mind. Considering the developmental characteristics of this age group and the short attention span, it is best to play games with less instruction, more freedom.

What kind of games should you choose?

It may be the games he enjoys more, the games he prefers, but instead of always playing one kind of game, a more balanced plan will be more beneficial.

Sensory activities: You can make a free playtime using materials in a variety of shapes and textures that can appeal to the child's 5 senses. You can use many materials such as water, sand, mud, dough, granured dry pulses, beads, soft toys, serrated, flat fabrics, rhythm instruments.

Artistic activities: One of the most enjoyable areas to bring out your creativity is art! Using finger paints or watercolors, it can color a large piece of paper as it wishes. You can take precautions without forgetting that it is very natural for it to pollute the surroundings or clothes.

Moving, physical activities: All games with music, dance, movement in it will be useful in terms of the child's body awareness, physiological development and body flexibility. Gymnastics movements that will work organs with large muscle groups such as arms and legs, rhythm holding or jumping with music, clapping hands can be an option in-game.

Language development activities: The first step in language development begins when you talk to your baby in the womb. That's why it's so valuable to talk to your child in the game all the time, to chat even though he can't fight back yet, to repeat the names of objects open and loud. From the age of 2, you can also benefit from game cards that support language development.

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