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Accessory trends of the year

One of the most admired and easily applied trends of the season is long wobbly earrings. These earrings are longer and longer than the familiar wobbly earrings. In addition, it manages to draw attention completely on it with its much different and unusual designs. There is no doubt that it will come across frequently in street styles.

a woman with a flower crown
Alessandra Ambrosio smiling for the camera

The crowns were actually in the collections of such notable names as Dolce & Gabbana not only this season but a few seasons ago and were highly appreciated. From time to time, designers often used it in fashion shows, even though they were not featured in their collections. Now the crowns are preparing to experience their golden age.

Giambattista Valli wearing a grey jacket and brown pants
a woman wearing a white jacket and black boots

One of the biggest trends of the '90s, choker necklaces were collar-model necklaces that wrapped around the neck, usually velvet ribbons or plastic spirals. Now it's becoming one of everyone's favorites again as an old-new trend. But this time they are presented with unorthodox designs and ideas.

Jaime King wearing a necklace
Rihanna holding a pink balloon

Apart from innovative and different designs, white bags are one of the bag trends of the season. A plain white bag is set to become indispensable in spring and summer this year. White bags, which are usually used in black or metal details and appear in every designer's fashion show, prove the power of colors in the fashion world...

a purse on a swinger
a person holding a bag
Elle Fanning in a dress

The most interesting trend of the season is undoubtedly bags and shoes made of plastic, pvc transparent substance. Although this material was used in accessories such as hats and jewelry in places, it was not as interesting as a shoe and bag. These designs are for fashion lovers who like to go out of their way...

a hand holding a bag of water

Thick, thin this season on flat soles or heels; Wrist-tying models with ropes of many different structures with leather, herder and pattern are in the foreground. Although it has a more elegant and feminine texture, it can easily adapt to everyday style, especially on flat soles.

a person wearing high heels
a person in a dress

This season the bags are very colorful and very patterned! Bags have become more remarkable than ever with the combination of a specific pattern or transverse/longitudinal lines and two or three colors in bags where the graphic pattern is used more intensively.

a person holding a tennis racket
a person wearing a dress

Especially flat bottom sandals are a must of the Spring/Summer period, but designers do not stop surprising us by coming up with innovations. This year, sandals with flat bottom thick platforms are unusual. Still, it's important to admit they're a little rude.

a woman wearing a black dress and high heels
a woman wearing a green dress

Tiny stones, scales, sequins, pearls... Now shoes create their own fairy tales. One of the most prominent and admired shoe trends of the season is embroidered shoes.

a person wearing high heeled shoes
a person wearing high heeled shoes
a woman's feet in sandals

Short chain bag handles or chains used in bag body have become one of the big changes in bags this season. With the rise of ruffled bags, models with large chain rings are getting a lot of attention.

a purse on a swinger
a blue and gold necklace
a person holding a blue and red bag

Short cowboy heels are also an old trend that has come back this season. These rather short heels, which have a cut-out form from the back, seem to continue to have an effect not only in winter but also in spring with half-boots ending on the wrist.

a person wearing black boots
a woman's legs wearing high heeled shoes
a person wearing boots
a person's legs and shoes
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