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A wonderland of sweets

Silk Bozkurt Tenti, who finished first in alma ScuolaInternazionale di Cucina, meets the prestigious world of Michelin-starred restaurants. After working at DaVittoriove Il Rigoletto with the title of "Pastry Chef", Ms. Ipek continued her career in world-famous bakeries such as Roberto Rinaldini and Luca Montersino, and after 12 years, she brought her experiences to Istanbul, where she was born and raised, and opened Big Dessert.

It's a wonderland for Big Dessert, which has muck merengs, carame candies, real fruit patelry called fruit paste, trump halva and natural marshmallows. In this cute place where Ms. Ipek reflects all her sincerity, a lot of desserts are waiting for you in a decoration dominated by pastel tones.

Muck merings, which are one of the most special flavors, stand out both with their smell, taste and appearance. Marshmallows are made with all-natural honey and prepared using fruits such as frambuaz and passion fruit. Fruit pastes are worth a fruit jewel. These flavors, which can be a favorite especially for jam lovers; apricot-lemongrass is made with special fruit mixtures such as passion fruit-blueberries.

Silk Lady's carames, which are the most labor-intensive but also eyeballs; it consists of special flavors such as sea salt, Madagascar vanilla, Belgian chocolate, rose, cardamom, pistachios. You can also order these handmade delicacies for corporate events, birthdays and special invitations.

If you're on your way to Ravencuk, I say don't come back without tasting these delicious marshmallows, especially the Muck meringibles.

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