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A warm cafe full of memories

In the open kitchen, the smell of quinces prepared in front of you surrounds you, while you get lost in the details. Most of what's inside is for sale and pieces of a collection. From old-fashioned chairs to marble tables, signage to old books and accessories, you can buy most of what you like. The moment you step through the door, you get caught up in the magical atmosphere of the place and carefully and for hours examine each piece. The light and enjoyable music from the background takes this beautiful atmosphere of the place one click higher and turns it into a place where you want to stay for hours.

Especially the long tabletop on the side of the venue is very ideal for meetings and meetings. My favorite was the section with a large seat and books at the top, which left the venue with a step.

Even the cutlery used in Magritte Cafe, which reflects its unique air in its presentations, are part of a collection. Mint tea served in a crystal blue cup has already taken the top spot among my winter favourites. There are also many options in terms of taste and visuality in terms of dessert. Apple pie prepared with rose-shaped sliced apples made with its own vanilla and creamy sauce is very different from what you have ever tasted.

This very quiet and quiet place is located in Çukurcuma; it is a very accurate address for those who want to work and have a nice conversation. After a nice stroll on Algeria Street, I strongly recommend you to stop by for a nice coffee and dessert.


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