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A patterned skirt 4 different combos

If you want to use orange intensively, you can choose a top of the same or close tone. But in such combinations, it may be useful to choose accessories from shades such as white or nude.

Skirt-H&M, Top-H&M, Shoe-Zara, Glasses-H&M

a pair of orange and white underwear

For a simpler and clearer combination, you can combine it with a white top to animate the combo with a shoe in shades of orange.

Skirt-H&M, Top-Zara, Shoe-Mango, Glasses-Zara


You can combine a baby blue blouse and shoes and skirt, which is one of the colors most suitable for orange. This tint will not only suffocate the skirt, but will add a different feel.

Skirt-H&M, Top-Silk Road, Shoe-Zara, Goggles-Mango

a pair of shorts

You can also add a more sporty look by taking advantage of the masculine air of a calligraphic printed T-shirt against the intense patterns of the skirt. Although it is black shoe heels that complete the combo, the effect will save you from an extreme romance.

Skirt-H&M, Top-Mango, Shoe-Pearl Leather, Glasses-Zara

a pair of underwear
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