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A new way to discover ourselves: Human design system

Although we come into the world with a unique design, our own characteristics and life purpose, we grow up in a system that tells us who we should be rather than who we are. Without knowing ourselves, we live a life in which we move away from our essence, becoming single-typified day by day with the personalities we “think we are” or “try to be” as a result of many factors and conditioning that we are exposed to. The Human Design System introduces you to a person you have never met who has never been mentioned before, that is, your unique truth, and allows you to experience the life you have come to live.

The system of human design, which is the synthesis of ancient systems such as astrology, The Hindu chakra system, Kabbalah and modern sciences such as genetics, quantum physics, and biochemistry, is called the science of differentiation. This system, announced to the world by Ra Uru Hu, shows that each of us is unique, like our fingerprints, we process in different ways. In order to see the information about our features, design and functioning that make us different from others, human design maps belonging to us are used through our date of Birth, time and place.

Human design maps serve as our User Guide, providing guidance on how to experience life with the design we have. These maps also help us understand how we are designed to interact with the world, showing the characteristics that make us who we are, our potential, our abilities, and possible issues that may cause us to misuse our energy, and see where we are sensitive to the impact of our environment, where we are likely to influence others. The human design system also shows how your internal guidance system works, that is, how we should make decisions, and provides us with practical methods to make decisions that can greatly improve our life experience. 

The first step of the human design system, which offers layer by layer and in-depth information, is the workshop to experience its design, where the most surface information is shared but the greatest transformations are experienced. In this study, you first learn about the system and the basis of the system, and then about yourself and other designs around you (Nine centers, the effects of defined and undefined centers, decision mechanisms internal-external authorities, four types, strategies of types). In this way, you get to know both yourself and other designs closely and learn how they work, how they interact better with each other. When you take all this information into your life and experience it, you get the chance to live your life as yourself and take advantage of the transformations and advantages that it brings, and you give the same chance to those around you. 

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