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A new method of hip shaping: Skinny BBL

BBL, i.e. Brasilian Butt Lift, is a surgical procedure aimed at increasing the volume of the butt area by evaluating the person's own fat without the use of implants, making its shape more regular and round. During this process, fat is collected, especially from the abdomen, back and sides, and this fat is injected into the butt area.

The Skinny BBL is technically the same as the classic BBL surgery. But in Skinny BBL, the patient body prototype is completely different. It is a more suitable method for people with a lower body mass index, especially bagels and can not get rid of stubborn fat in the abdominal area. A person's excess fat is taken primarily by liposuction, and these fats are injected into the hip. Instead of giving too much volume to the butt, the goal is to shape it and give it a more rounded image and lift it up a little.

In the world, especially with the influence of popular people such as Kim Kardashian, the desire for a very thin waist, very large hips and buttocks has become widespread in the US, UK and South American countries. In the classic BBL procedure, patients are sometimes even recommended to gain weight before surgery because people have a desire for a very large butt, and a high amount of fat collected is injected into the butt. But it should be noted that the fat removal capacity of the skin and subcutaneous tissue is limited. In order to meet a person's desire, he sometimes even injected fat into the butt November, which can have fatal consequences. You should be very careful about this.

Dec November fat injection is a reliable procedure if fat is injected between the skin and muscle layer. November: November: the fat is injected into the muscle, penetrating the large vessels in the muscle tissue and entering the bloodstream, blocking the lung vessels, which can even lead to death. Especially November, the distance between the butt muscle and skin can be decidedly narrow. For this reason, when the fat injection phase of Skinny BBL surgery is passed, it is necessary to see with our eyes which area we are injecting fat tissue with using a portable ultrasound system associated with a tablet and continue the operation under these conditions. In this way, the probability of intramuscular injection can be reduced to zero November.

The most important advantages of butt shaping with adipose tissue in Skinny BBL is that the given fat is the patient's own tissue and therefore does not cause any side effects and allergic reactions. At the same time, a permanent result occurs. Skinny BBL is a surgical technique suitable for people who are not too overweight, want to get rid of their stubborn regional lubrication, but also want a round and tight image in the butt area. Having a process that can be done in all seasons is advantageous in terms of choosing a period appropriate to the person's own demand.

The first two weeks after surgery are a bit of a delicate period. The survival of the given adipose tissue in the butt depends on the new vasculation that will occur in this area. In the first few days after surgery, the fats given are fed with help from the tissues in their neighborhood, while as time passes, new vessels are formed into the adipose tissue, and thus the fats maintain their Vitality. In this critical process, when pressure is applied on the butt, these vessels will not be able to form and a large amount of the given fat will be absorbed by the body. For this reason, we recommend sleeping face down, especially for the first two weeks. In addition, we ask our patients to sit on sitting pillows that are specially produced for this procedure during the first four weeks and distribute the pressure to the thigh area. However, some of the fat tissue given to the butt cannot provide survival and is absorbed by the body. Fat cells that provide survival, on the other hand, remain in this area for life and help with the intended change.

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