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A new makeup experience from Dior

Peter Philip has created a brand new series for Dior with the idea of practical make-up to meet the needs of all women.

"For both makeup artists and women who want a professional result with easy-to-understand products and easy-to-use tools... These are effective products that are simple to implement while providing a professional result," explains Peter Philips in his new collection.

The collection consists of 40 shades of foundation, 2 eye palettes, 1 face shaping palette, as well as various palettes for 1 lighting and 1 lip. In addition, there are 14 essential brushes for light application of foundation, with 7 eyes for 7 foundations. Its subtle transparent packaging allows you to see its colors at a glance, a treasure trove for makeup artists working in a mobile backstage environment as well as for women who want to find the right color immediately...

The most prominent product in this collection, called Dior Backstage, is foundation. With its fluid, second skin-sensing texture, this configurative foundation provides a personalized density. Its water-resistant formula is heat and moisture resistant and adapts to all energetic and mobile environments both backstage and on the catwalk.

Other products featured in the collection are contour palette, which shapes the face with textures that capture light and textures that will blend vaguely into the skin, depending on your skin tone, and lip palette with 3 color volumes of lip gloss, 3 colors of light gloss lipstick and 3 different matte shades rich in pigment.

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