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A new app for a tight and radiant skin look

As we age and under the influence of environmental factors, our skin begins to experience deterioration and loss at the cellular level. Especially because of the pandemic, staying indoors in homes, covering our faces with a mask and using alcohol-based disinfectants accelerate these losses. At the beginning of these losses comes a decrease in the elasticity and moisture of the skin. Pure DNA Glow is a good treatment option that has been proven effective in increasing skin tone, elasticity and moisture. Nucleofill treatment, moisturizing, free radical cleaning and most importantly bio-stimulating three different synergistic effects of the skin by revitalizing the loss of time by producing our own cells in a natural way replaces and allows them to be restructured.

Due to its ability to bind to high amounts of water, pure DNA glow acts like an “electrostatic sponge” and provides deep hydration to tissues, creating a beneficial environment for cellular health. It allows the amount of moisture on the skin to increase again, which decreases with age, environmental factors or insufficient care.

Aging and harmful external factors cause an increase in free oxygen radicals. These free radicals are responsible for tissue damage. In addition to strong moisturizing, it has an instant “cleansing antioxidant’ effect, trapping free radicals thanks to its chemical structure.

An important and distinctive feature of pure DNA glow from other treatments is its bio-stimulating effect. The bio-stimulating effect occurs when Nucleofill activates cell membrane receptors in fibroblasts. The ideal physiological environment formed by pure DNA, and fibroblasts activated by Bio-stimulation, produce collagen that decreases in the skin, increasing elasticity and demonstrating a product-specific tightening and anti-aging bio-reconstructing effect. 

Pure DNA Sparkle, which can be applied to all ages and skin types, also shows a strong lifting effect. By increasing collagen in mature skin, it restores skin elasticity, gives a sports effect. Its use in young individuals slows down the loss of elasticity. When applied for 3-4 sessions with a decal of 10-15 days, it reverses the aging effects of the skin in natural ways. Because it contains pure and next-generation DNA fragment chains, it is possible to have healthier, younger, smoother and brighter skin with no side effects, including allergic reactions. 

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