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A must-have piece of festival style

One of the most common pieces we will see at festivals this year is floral motif and patterned pieces. Floral blouses, dresses or floral embroidered denim pieces will add a more colorful and energetic look, unlike the usual hues of the festive style.

a blue jacket with a green logo
a blue and white diaper
a pair of blue jeans
a colorful piece of art
a pair of blue shorts
a white and blue floral pillow

This year, it's trendy to complement them with jackets, especially by wearing bodysuits in denim pieces, high waist skirts. Naturally, we will often see this style at festivals with high-waisted jeans and shorts.

a black and white bag
a pair of white and black pants
a pink and white dress
a black and white striped box

It's time to put tulle on your pants and skirts! These transparent tulle pieces will suit the bohemian or grunge atmosphere of the festivals. You'll be able to wear them easily on T-shirts or short tops called crop tops.

a black dress on a white background
a dress with flowers on it
a black and white dress
a black dress with flowers
a black and red dress

Short, under-chest tops or shoulder-wide tops, which are the most essential pieces of festival styles, will be on the agenda of the festival style this year as they are every year.

a pair of colorful underwear
a white paper bag
a black and white silhouette of a cat
a green and white striped pillow
a pink and white pillow

Brands have increased diversity this year by giving jeans and shorts much more space in their collections. We will see more models this year in denim shorts and trousers that we are used to seeing in festive style...

a pair of blue jeans
a white and blue pillow
a pair of blue jeans
a pair of jeans
a pair of blue jeans
a pair of blue jeans
a pair of white pants
a pair of blue jeans

Festival means using as many accessories as possible! But this year, the jewelry features a particularly star-studded figure and is set to appear everywhere from earrings to choker necklaces to hair buckle.

a pair of gold rings
a pair of earrings
a black and white knife
a pair of earrings
a group of silver and gold earrings
a pair of silver swords

Wicker bags prepared to make their mark in the bag this spring/summer period will also be an ideal choice for the festival style. Especially with backpack models, you may have made a functional and trendy choice.

a brown and tan purse
a wicker basket with a handle
a black handbag with a gold ring
a brown handbag with a handle
a woven basket with a handle
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