a swimming pool in a backyard
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A modern house project touched by history

While renovations were carried out on the exterior of the house, the expert architects aimed primarily to create a design that preserves and highlights the historical heritage of the building. The traditional-looking exterior combines with a peaceful and well-maintained backyard.  The combination of minimalist style in the garden with traditional furniture and accessories creates an atmosphere that satisfies both the pleasure of cruising and the soul.

a house with a large front yard

On the front of the house, we encounter a much more modern and contemporary view. The peaceful atmosphere we witnessed in the backyard is almost complete with the luxurious and pleasant environment created by the pool and tropical plants in the front courtyard.

a swimming pool in a backyard

Experts have carried out design and renovation work that best suits the needs of the hosts when arranging the interior living areas of the house. Comfort and luxury are blended in a modern style, especially in interior design, where the use of natural materials, especially wood, comes to the fore. While the soothing effect of the rustic texture created by wood in the kitchen is the main character of the space, the large kitchen island contributes to this stylish and characterful design with functionality and a modern aesthetic.

a kitchen with a bar and a table

Sometimes the hall, which is the greatest proof that the most modern and contemporary designs are created from historical architectures, manages to fascinate at first glance. The high-ceilinged character caused by the historical texture of the building creates a spacious and effective atmosphere, while the decoration created with neutral colors and comfortable preferences creates an inviting aesthetic. The outdoor dining area in the hall welcomes us with its unique and elegant warmth thanks to its long and majestic wooden table.

a living room with a staircase

In the bedroom, we come across a spacious design where comfort is prioritized. The design, which was created by avoiding the furniture crowd, created a suitable environment for a healthy sleep. One of the most remarkable features of the house, wooden windows and large glass balcony doors that allow the interiors to get plenty of daylight, also stand out as the basic design elements that determine the atmosphere of the bedroom.

a bedroom with a large bed

In the master bathroom located in the attic, the sloping structure of the roof was converted into an advantage, adding depth to the space. In the bathroom, which has an extremely bright and spacious appearance with its skylights, we encounter a minimal and modern design in harmony with the whole house. The positioning of the glass shower cabin area in a separate area from the bathtub is also a functionally prominent feature.

a bathroom with a tub and sink
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