a house with a glass front yard
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A modern home where peace meets luxury

When we look at the house from the outside, of course, the first thing that catches our attention is its safe and sound posture. The exterior of the house, which has a modern grandeur, has wooden, brick, concrete elements, metallic elements and, of course, a small and natural garden combined with perfect harmony. The lights, strategically positioned in the front garden, illuminate the façade details and design.

It was prepared by Homify.com.tr, an international decoration and architecture site.

a building with trees in the front

Behind the grand entrance door is a sheltered garage area where cars can hide from the rain and the blazing light of the sun. This area also leads directly to the house, so that the house can be easily reached from the car.

a building with a garage and a car parked in front

This semi-closed corridor is part of the road from the garage to the house. This area, which creates the feeling of walking in the forest, is covered, providing a sheltered environment on the way home. The small lights on the ceiling create a stylish aesthetic as well as their functionality.

a large indoor garden

As soon as we walk through the front door of the house, we come across a large, modern design. The seating area at the entrance, where a large living area welcomes guests in an inviting manner, is in fluent communication with the other rooms. The interiors, which are usually dominated by a neutral color range, are energized by the touches of orange color.

a modern looking living room

If we move a little closer to the living room, we can understand even more clearly the happiness and high energy in the decoration of the house. Decoration elements create a modern, pleasant and stylish living space with character, while beautiful and vibrant artworks contribute to this area in a sophisticated way. You can also immediately notice how much natural light plays a role, coming through large glass windows and doors.

a living room with a large window

The perfect setting for a pleasant and crowded feast with glass doors and windows that can be opened and closed from across the floor, luxurious and flashy chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, an eye-catching dining table with its classic-style time-beyond-time model, and daylight and naturalness seeping through the garden!

It was prepared by Homify.com.tr, an international decoration and architecture site.

a room with tables and chairs

The kitchen should always be an area where you want to take the time to cook! This kitchen is one of the best examples of this. With dazzling dark marble countertops and kitchen cabinets and drawers, this living space creates a warm and impressive atmosphere as well as stylish and attractive. The kitchen island in the middle creates both a functional and stylish aesthetic as the focal point of the living space.

a kitchen with black cabinets

The spacious and peaceful terrace area features comfortable chairs and an extra dining area. The terrace, which is the favorite living area of the house in summer and spring, is the perfect setting to welcome guests, relax and enjoy the outdoors. The garden's tidy and well-maintained landscape and stylish lighting also contribute to this wonderful terrace.

a living room with a large pool

And finally, let's take a look at the garden and terrace of the house under the night lights. Isn't it extraordinary?

a house with a pool
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