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A fabulous stone house in nature

Stone houses don't have many negative aspects. In fact, if we tried to count it, maybe we'd have trouble finding one. But one aspect of the weakness is that almost every stone house is very similar, especially when viewed from the exterior. It is not so easy to surprise on the exterior in stone house architecture. But this magnificent structure seems to be determined to surprise us from the very first step. It is very different from ordinary stone houses and has a much more beautiful exterior, and when it takes the view behind it, an insatiable image has emerged.

a house with a stone wall

It could not be expected that such a beautiful and ambitious stone house would have an ordinary and mediocre landscape. The garden, which stands out for its lean and natural line, gives an extremely simple but also clear answer to the question of what the garden of a small farmhouse should be in the middle of nature.

It was prepared by Homify.com.tr, an international decoration and architecture site.

a stone building with a fence and trees in the front

There are quite different stone house traditions in many different points of Anatolia. These local architectural traditions, which have been shaped over hundreds of years according to the region's own resources and climate, although they are quite different from each other in their style, have something in common, which almost does not change in any of them. They all benefit most from wood next to the stone. Carriers of multi-storey houses, floors of single-storey houses and naturally all doors and windows are made of wood. This rivets the natural appearance of the houses, but creates interiors that are even the most naked.

a room with a fireplace and a table

Of course, the fact that it is made in a traditional architectural style does not require us to look for a village house style or classic lines in the interiors of this house. If we'd been looking, we wouldn't have found it. Because inside this house we come across a very modern decoration.

a living room with a fireplace

One of the most striking features of this wonderful stone house is that it is carefully considered even the most insignificant details. For example, this large corridor at the main entrance of the house was not left as a simple dead space. Designed almost like a living room in its own right, this space once again shows the designer's mastery of detail.

a living room with a fireplace

Other elements of this kitchen, which has the best pieces from traditional design with its stone walls and wooden ceiling, are extremely modern. Kitchen cabinets reflect a beautiful example of woodworking, but they stand out with their very contemporary designs.

 It was prepared by Homify.com.tr, an international decoration and architecture site.

a kitchen with a brick oven
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