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A discovery full of 'beautiful words'

There are different designs such as posters with words written, glasses, bags and coasters. Thus, words are carried from the tea cups we drink to the bags we wear, as in our language and pen, and they are included in our lives.

The successful project "Lugat 365", which banu and Onur Ertuğrul started with the slogan "Some Words Are Very Beautiful", was finally turned into a book by Can Publications and took its place in our libraries. Ertuğrul couple, who are forgotten and started from the idea of bringing old words back into daily life, the main goal of the Ertuğrul couple is that everyone realizes the beauty of the words and especially these words reach the young people.

The book, which contains many words that we have heard for the first time, such as Feelingablelvuku, Namütenahi, Zapturapt, Merdumgiriz, Müsterih, Darbımesel, also includes excerpts from the works of a writer or poet from Turkish literature. From Sabahttin Ali to Oguz Atay, Orhan Pamuk to Ahmet Hamdi Tanpinar, strong accounts of many valuable names are being used.

"Our hearts hate them as much as our intelligence loves words. The language of our hearts is calm. Because no emotion can be named."

Peyami Safa/ It Was An Evening

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