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A different technique to deal with trauma

I was training Somatic Experience last week. In this trauma resolution training, which will last about 3 years, I learn groundbreaking things, repeat what I already know, name things that I have noticed but cannot name with my theory.

I've been reminded of myself with compassion throughout my education that "trauma can be healed." It's so promising to hear this over and over again... I have accompanied and witnessed many lives for almost 10 years... As a therapist, there were times when I was influenced by the stories of my clients. I immediately knocked on the door of my supervisor and my own therapist. It could never go beyond the client's story. As therapists who know how to work with emotion, thought, behavior, there are places where we hang out, especially when we are moving forward with some clients. This tripped state is also extremely transformative... First emdr, then with my work alp-centric hypnotherapy, I realized that an important part of the psytherapy process was also associated with the body. When it came to trauma, something was missing without touching the trauma experienced by the body...
And finally, you know, I'm not going I met an approach based on the nervous system, with trauma and body in focus. It's like a precious treasure that I've been looking for for years and it's finally come up...

I would like to explain the question "What is somatic experience?"


Contrary to the information, there is very little speech in the somatic experience session. All focus is on the body and the body sensations. Because even if we do not remember the traumatic event, the body kept a record at the time of trauma and the loaded power in the body must be released.

"Vaginal gave birth. She had an epistomy at birth (incision-stitch). Her doctor encouraged her to walk to her room after giving birth. But he couldn't find the strength to walk and went to his room in a wheelchair. There was an energy trapped in his body that sensed an incomplete cycle here. And while he could only hear his body during the session, there was tremendous walking euphoria in him. Walked... Walked... Walked... He took a deep breath. Now the cycle was complete..."

Peter Levine , the founder of my country, has a famous story about his client. His client Nancy suffers from intense anxiety attacks and avoidance behaviors. When he had a strong anxiety attack during the session, Peter told him, "Nancy, there's a tiger behind you! Run!" And Nancy runs, trembles, sweats, cries during the session. Nancy had tonsil surgery when she was a kid. During the operation, it is attached to the table, an ether is used in anesthesia. There's no way he's moving, he feels like he's drowning and he's hallucinating. In his approach, which Peter has only just begun to theorized and then transformed, he interprets this case as: "Nancy had heard of this condition as a life-threatening condition and froze in surgery. His body had surrendered. In order for the body to complete the cycle at that time, it had to tremble, cry, run away, and then be regulated. He's lived with this stuck load for years. In many of his experiences, donma reaction . Thinking it strategy. According to Peter, it wasn't a catharsis that Nancy experienced during the session. Nancy was coming out of years of passive freezing and inactivity, experiencing an energy discharge that allowed her to transition to escape liberation. To learn more about Somatic Experience, I recommend following all the books of Peter Levine and the @somatikdeneyimleme account on Instagram.
The first leg of the training was a very intense, thought-provoking, transformative, sometimes exhausting but above all satisfying spiritual journey for me. As our instructor Ariel said goodbye in the closing circle, she said goodbye to all the experts in training by saying, "Let's go make the world a better place now." I get goosebumps even when I'm writing. Where do I hear that in my body? Heart. As if I had holy information about planet Earth and the power to distribute it to those who need it, to the caller, is in all my cells... Is this a dream of being a savior? But it's more about doing what I do in the best way I can. And yes. Travma can really be improved... Love...

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