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9 recommendations against migraine attacks in summer

Keep track of the weather

If you know about the weather, you can make more accurate choices in your travel plans and clothing choices. So it's worth using a digital barometer or a weather app that warns you about non-migraine-friendly weather.

Not without sunglasses!

In addition to the sun's rays, the glow of sea, pool and lake water can be a trigger factor for many migraine sufferers. Especially when driving, the sun's rays filtering through trees or buildings are very effective in triggering migraines. So don't wander outside until glasses trends of 2018. Although quality sunglasses benefit, contoured FL-41 color migraine glasses are much more effective at preventing light sensitivity.

Drink plenty of water, avoid caffeine

In the summer, excessive humidity considerably reduces the level of fluid in our body. In the summer we can only remove half of our dehydration with water, the remaining half is not enough water. "In addition, restricting caffeine and alcohol consumption in extreme heat is very beneficial in preventing fluid loss," said Neurologist Dr. Nebahat Bilici, reminding that it is therefore just as important to consume fruits and vegetables as water to close the fluid deficit.

Don't do outdoor sports in the heat

Avoid outdoor sports between 11.00 – 17.00 when the sun's rays are perpendicular to the earth, as this can cause thirst and physical stress. Scroll or move these events into the early morning or sunset. Take care to take your walk in the early morning or in the evening outdoors.

Stay in cool environments

You don't have to go home in the summer to avoid migraines. If you go to the beach or picnic, look for a shop, restaurant or car nearby where you can cool off.

Choose your summer fun carefully

You may be eager to join your friends for summer fun, such as a 3D movie, outdoor tennis match or roller coaster ride at an amusement park, but beware, these can be a problem for migraine sufferers. Therefore, if you are sensitive to light, heat and physical stress triggers, it is very important to avoid such activities.

Watch your sleep patterns

Exposure to light suppresses the hormone melatonin, and you can't sleep. Quality and regular sleep is the key rule for preventing migraine attacks. Therefore, be careful to go to bed at the same time and not change this pattern.

Avoid sudden heat changes

When in a very hot environment, do not suddenly move to a cold place or vice versa. Because the 5-celsius heat difference in the environment increases the risk of developing migraine attacks by 7.5 percent. Pay attention to these values in the home environment you control. Be careful not to be in too many environments where you cannot control the degree of air conditioning, such as shopping malls, cafes and restaurants.

Take frequent breaks on the journey

Summer means a holiday for most of us. However, changes in sleep patterns due to travel, vacation, pre-holiday preparation stress and changes in eating habits can be triggers for migraines. If your journey is going to take a long time, taking frequent breaks and getting plenty of fluids will make your journey easier. If you are going to fly, it will be effective to take melatonin supplements and painkillers to relieve pain attacks, especially before the long flight, to avoid headaches, and to use the pillow to provide the appropriate head and neck position.

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