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9 iconic red lipstick

The Russian Red red lipstick of MAC Cosmetics, which brought the boldest colors and shades to our lives, is now a cult, and became a legend in 1986 when madonna coincided with the True Blue era. Russian Red, which has a creamy and silky texture that meets the sexiest shady shady of red, is still one of our most precious red lipsticks that we cannot distinguish from our make-up bag today.

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The brand's classic red YSL Pur Couture No.1 lipstick was pioneered in raising women's voices in 1978 with the mission of being a force that unites women. Le Rouge No.1 lipstick, which supports this trend of the YSL brand, which took the first step in symbolizing the existence of women and the presence of women with red lipstick, makes it a true legend. Don't you think the fact that a classic brand like YSL is teaming up with crazy model Cara Delevigne as the campaign face is a bit of a reference to today's woman's power and hippie spirit?

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There has never been a shale where the red color is so eye-catching and elegant. Rich Red, which has managed to become the brand's signature product since 1984, is also one of the first lipsticks that gives a silky feel despite its dense structure.

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Who wouldn't want to boldly carry Chanel's dark red Pirate, which looks creamy, bold and elegant? Pirate, Chanel's most sought-after red lipstick, has earned more than enough to be a legend over the years. Its creamy structure remains permanent throughout the day, but we recommend framing your lips with a lip liner before applying lipstick to prevent it from dissipateing.

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When it comes to red lipstick, perhaps the most memorable lipstick has been the red of the Lancome L'Absolu Rouge series. While the lips are accentuated with an eye-catching red hue, its dense structure with moisturizing properties has a texture that you can forget about surprisingly when applying lipstick.

Nars' semi-matte red lipstick Jungle Red is inspired by the red nail polish from the Hollywood classic The Women.  Jungle Red actually has a tone that varies according to your style. You can achieve an elegant look with a classic clothing style and make-up, while you can also be one of the street style pioneers by using only red lipstick in your makeup with jeans and sneakers. She screams femininity in her bold, brightly toned red color. It would not be wrong to say that the brand is the most sold product in the world to date.

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After the brand entered the cosmetics industry in 2009, it was impossible not to expect Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, who know the world of colors best, to create the red lipstick that is des iconic... Devil, which moisturizes the lips with its creamy structure and has a vibrant red tone despite being semi-matte, allows you to easily achieve charming makeup while maintaining its intensity throughout the day.

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Tom Ford, who has a reputation as the man who knows women best, has become one of the most sought after brands in the cosmetics industry. Tom Ford Cherry Lush lets you get a make-up that accentuates the lips with its vibrant red hue. One feature of Cherry Lush is that it makes it easy to take control so you can determine the darkness of color with each drive. It is also possible to get a darker tone if you wish by thickening the lipstick.

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Black Honey red lipstick, which made its mark in the 80s, managed to catch everyone's attention as it looked black at first glance. Clinique Black Honey, which gives the lips a glow by taking a dark red hue when rubbed on the lip, remains the pioneer of the iconic dark red.

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