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9 expert opinions every parent should know

1. We can't make children feel bad and make them behave better.

2. Children's challenging behavior is a way to show their needs and hurt. They need their parents at moments like this the most.

3. Our parenting is influenced by the parenting attitudes that our parents display to us.

4. We can be triggered when we become parents, the processes of our own childhood begin to become thoroughly obvious.

5. It's very important that the parent takes care of himself. Connecting with ourselves and our inner child is very important for us to explore ourselves, our experiences and needs. We repeat what we cannot heal and pass it on from generation to generation.

6. It's not always easy to try to exhibit a different kind of parenting than the one we see. It's important to focus on moving on without mixing our own story with our child's. Our own needs and the needs of our children can be completely different.

7. Actually, there's not a single truth about anything. Every child and family needs one. The important thing is for the parent to focus as much on their own and their child's feelings as possible. Like a tailor, we can improve our ability to make custom-made planting. The attitude towards the needs of our family and our child can only be discovered by adapting, tracking, over time.

8. Bond is everything. It's precious to touch, to look, to touch, to make space for emotions, to play games.

9. It's never too late to have a strong bond with our children.

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