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9 different sofa ideas for your living rooms

Couch models, known as modular sofas, actually include many varieties. The most widely used model of modular sofas, which we can define as sofas with multiple parts, are L seats. Modular sofas, which are unique in terms of usability, space saving and comfort as corner set or for small living rooms, are one of the most preferred seating groups especially in modern living rooms.

a living room with a fireplace

One of the unchanging models of classic decorations with its gravitas and charisma, Chesterfield sofas stand out as an iconic model that has never worn out since the 1800s. Today, the distinctive features of the Chesterfield model sofas, also known simply as Chester, include their unique quilted seams. The Chesterfield sofas, which are aligned with their arms and back and must have quilted seams at least on the back, are actually leather and dark. However, today they are also produced from different materials and different colors to adapt to modern halls.

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The Lawson-style sofa model is a model where comfort is prioritized, and its distinctive feature is that the back and seating cushions are separate from the main frame of the sofa. Lawson-style sofas are one of the most widely used models in modern living rooms. The fact that the cushions are separate from the skeleton is very advantageous not only in terms of comfort, but also in terms of cleanliness because the cushion cases are washable. Lawson-style sofas, which have a much softer and more comfortable design than other sofa models, are produced in different sizes and colors for all tastes and areas.

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Called mid-century modern in the world of furniture design, it was the most used seating group model from the 1940s to the 1970s. But today it is returning thanks to its decoration understandings that began to return to the past! Combining elegance with comfort, mid-century modern-style sofas have a minimal design and the most distinctive features are that they have angular forms.

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In the sofa model, known as the English style, the arm parts of the sofa end further back than the sitting cushion and have a rounded curve. His back is high. Such sofas, which are usually suitable for classically styled halls, are also produced today in different materials and colors.

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The sofa model, called Camelback, has extremely traditional lines and a classic style and has been used for centuries. Named after the curve that rises towards the middle on the ridge that at first glance resembles the camel's humpback, camelback is an elegant and historic model that is most preferred by antique enthusiasts to create that classic atmosphere.

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Among the traditional models, the sofas that stand out with their alaturka structure are the sofa model without a back and using pillows and cushions instead of the back unit. Especially in Anatolia, none of us are strangers to the divans used from the past to the present. The sofas, which are leaning against the wall and where the cushions and back part are formed, stand out as both a comfortable and practical traditional design.

a living room with a fireplace

One of the most romantic and elegant of the sofa and armchair models, the Josephine armchairs are an aesthetic design genius. Josephine seats, which are functionally a stretching chair, are long and single seats, and their most prominent feature is that their arms and backs are one-sided.

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Similar in aesthetics to Josephine's armchairs, marquis are romantic and flashy designs with armrests on either side but no back.

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