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8 style suggestions for Petite Women

Simpler and two-colored outfits will be better for you than large and intricate patterns and multicolored outfits. If you want to wear a patterned piece, it could be a smaller floral piece or a pants or dress with vertical stripes. Other than that, dressing in the same color from head to toe will make you look taller.

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In order to be more compatible with your body, it is worth avoiding large bags and large jewelry. Smaller, cross-strap bags, handbags or small backpacks, minimal jewelry, thin waist belts will be the right choices for you.

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Contrary to popular belief, petite women should definitely opt for longer trousers when choosing trousers. Short, ankle-level trousers can make you look shorter than you are. Therefore, trousers that end one click below the wrist will be ideal. Likewise, spanish leg trousers, which you prefer with a high heel, will make you look taller.

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Clothes with deep cleavage, which come in more V-neck than round-neck or throaty pieces, will become an advantage for petite women as they will make the neckline look longer and thinner.

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Heels that leave the wrist exposed rather than flat soles or ankle-strapped shoes will always make you look taller and thinner. Ankle-fastened shoes can make you look shorter because they cut leg length. If it is heeled, you do not necessarily have to choose long heels, even a short and comfortable heel will do the trick.

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The ideal pieces that will make you look taller will undoubtedly be miniskirts, dresses or shorts. If you are as comfortable with your waist as you are petite, using high waist skirts will become a pleasure for you. You can make your height look longer than it is by combining the tops, which we call crop tops, with high waist skirts and shorts.

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Narrower, smaller parts that reveal your body contours will strike the right balance with your body height ratio. If you're complaining about overweight, you can opt for a cast top or a more comfortable cut bottom to cover regional redundancies. However, in the other complementary outfit, it is still necessary to balance your look with a tight piece!

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Hair that extends almost to your waistline can make you look even shorter and disproportionate. The ideal hair length will be the hair length that ends at average shoulder level. Shorter models and trends such as bangs are also a point to choose entirely according to your face type, but your ideal size is always short.

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