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8 simple tips for the spring diet

One of the most important messages included in the '2012-2020 Dietary Guidelines' is to recommend small changes to your diet instead of radical changes. Take a eating habit you want to change and try to gradually change it to a different one. For example, if you like soda, turn your drink into water or mineral soda. If you are hungry for a long time, you can prepare a small snack consisting of an apple and a small amount of your favorite nuts.

One of the best ways to control your weight is to pay attention to the size of your portions. Measuring your food is a difficult and impractical method, so using your hand for this measurement can help. Although it varies according to the person, the amount of meat you will consume should be about 120 g) of your hand. Since everyone's hand is different in size, this measure is not exactly scientific, but it will help us understand how much you eat. In this case, if you have a larger hand, maybe you can consume a little more food.

If you don't have a designated workout schedule yet, let's create a new one now. It offers numerous benefits on a continuous basis, from losing weight to improving our mood and even sharpening our mind. The spring semester is a great time to go outdoors with the beautiful weather coming and the privilege of more daylight.

Research suggests that when exercising outdoors, you spend more energy and can enjoy it more. Working out outdoors can also help alleviate stress and depression.

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I love everything that is green, especially green vegetables are a great source of health! One of my favorite products in springtime is asparagus. You can cook asparagus, which contains a high amount of fiber, folate vitamin K and iron, by sprinkling only a piece of olive oil.

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Dietary Guidelines recommends that added sugar be no more than 10 per cent of our total calories per day. While we know that sodas and candies contain sugar, we may not notice the sugar lurking in the salad dressing or cereal we like. If all products containing sugar had the word 'sugar' on them, it would be much easier to restrict sugar. Unfortunately, although many products on the shelves contain sugar, this is expressed in another word. When shopping, pay attention to the words 'sugar, sucrose, corn syrup, fructose, agave'.

We eat more of the food in the large food containers. At the same time, we tend to eat much more when we try to eat from a jar or food box. When the weather warms up, it's no different with ice cream, which is no different from our favorite desserts, when you take a spoonful of ice cream from the ice cream container you may find yourself digging the bottom of the whole container. You can get help with a spoon or measuring cup or kitchen scale.

As a nutritionist, I recommend my clients to add healthy fats to their diet. Healthy fats include olive oil, hazelnut oil and avocado oil. Fats help us feel full and prevent us from attacking the cookie that lures us an hour after eating. Peanut types also make a great snack thanks to the heart-friendly unsaturated fats, protein, fiber and plant stanols. Make sure you don't exceed a palm in quantity. Since fats contain more calories than carbohydrates, applying portion control is the main rule.

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Strawberries are one of the most delicious and low-calorie fruits. It is also rich in nutrients such as antioxidants and vitamin C, which help the body fight free radicals. Strawberry, which has a great flavor, will add color, flavor and nutritiousness to your green salad.

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