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8 nutrients that burn fat

Come on, take a glass of water in your hand right now and start drinking; after that, be very careful to drink enough water for your body regularly every day! Because when there is not enough water in the body, fat burning does not begin. On the contrary, the brain stops burning fat and continues to store it; otherwise, fat burning cannot remove the waste material that will eventually form from the body. That's why water consumption is so important for fat burning and weight loss! Tea and coffee, which we drink during the day, do not replace water and, on the contrary, expel liquid from the body. If you consume more than 2-3 cups of tea/coffee during the day, your body needs more fluids. The amount of water each individual should drink is different. An easy account of this is to multiply your weight by 30, the resulting figure is the amount of water you need to drink daily. For example, a person with 50 pounds (50x30) should drink 1500 ml of water.

Pumpkin is very low in calories because it is a vegetable with a high liquid content. For this reason, it occupies an important place in weight loss diets. Because it is also rich in fiber, it helps the intestines work more regularly, regulating digestion and supporting you to lose weight more easily.

Pineapple helps relieve edema thanks to the bromaline it contains. It will also support your insulin metabolism, as its glycemic index is low. You can consume 2 thin slices in your decoctions. Because bromaline is most commonly found in the hard and non-edible stick part of the pineapple in the middle, you can throw it into your water and drink it.

"Eggs are the best known source of protein after breast milk. It reduces fat storage thanks to the choline it contains. Thanks to its high protein content, it also increases energy expenditure and makes it easier for you to lose weight, ensuring that you stay full for a long time,” he says.

The catechins found in Yesil tea help to burn fat and have a powerful antioxidant properties. You can drink 2 cups of Yesil tea every day. But if you have a blood pressure problem, do not consume it without consulting your doctor.

Yogurt supports fat burning thanks to the calcium it contains. Thanks to the probiotics it contains, it also helps digestion by increasing the number of healthy bacteria in the gut. You can choose 1 bowl of yoghurt every day next to your meals or at decemberment.

The capsain contained in red pepper is very useful for immunity. It also helps to expend more energy and burn fat, as it increases body temperature. Be sure to consume red pepper as a spice in your meals, but do not choose it because it will further increase your complaints if you have problems such as stomach problems, reflux, gastritis.

"Cinnamon regulates the body's insulin response. If insulin is released too much, it can become difficult to burn fat Tues. For this reason, you can choose cinnamon by sprinkling it in the water you drink or on the fruits. In this way, fat burning will be easy,” he says.

"In order for you to lose weight, the energy you receive with nutrients must be less than the energy you spend. In other words, you should pay attention to the portion of what you eat, move more and increase the number of daily steps. The body stores the excess carbohydrates, fats and proteins that you receive in the liver and converts the excess into fat. In order for fat burning to be fast, it is necessary not to consume more than necessary carbohydrate sources. For example, fruit, if you do not pay attention to the portion, excess causes both weight gain and liver fat. When you consume too much of the carbohydrate group (Bread, bakery products, packaged foods, sweets) and ready-made foods, the amount of edema in the body also increases. 7 wrong known correctly about edema drinks it is fluid that accumulates in body tissues. This fluid can accumulate in cells, as well as in adipose tissue, November muscle tissue. The presence of edema feels itself in the form of swelling in the body, around the belly, hands and feet. It usually also causes weight gain, and you always see the figure on the scale 2-3 pounds more."he says.

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