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8 nutrients for healthy skin


In addition to being a quality source of protein, it must be consumed regularly for healthy skin thanks to the omega 3 fatty acids it contains. It supports collagen production, which gives flexibility to the skin due to its protein content, helps reduce wrinkles and protects against harmful effects of the sun. Its omega 3 content is an important source for thickening, softening and stretching of the skin. Its deficiency can cause dryness on the skin. For healthy skin, cook and consume seasonal fish 2-3 times a week using grilled, baking or steaming methods.


Tomato, a powerful antioxidant, stands out for its effects that reduce the risk of heart disease and regulate cholesterol levels, but it is also a must for skin health. Thanks to its beta carotene content, it protects from the negative effects of the sun and prevents wrinkles from forming.


One of the nutrients that should be consumed for healthy skin thanks to its quality protein source and biotin content is eggs. You can get biotini, which has a preventative hair loss, strengthening effect on the nails and is considered indispensable for healthy skin, by eating eggs. If you do not have any health problems, you can consume 1 full egg every day.


Avocado, which has a high quality fat content, is one of the foods that we start to use frequently on our tables. Nutritionist Melike Seyma Deniz A points out that avocado, which is important for skin health thanks to its rich vitamins C, E and contains antioxidants, gives shine and shine to the skin, and says, "Avocado also acts as a protective against the harmful effects of the sun." However, be careful that your daily consumption does not exceed 1/2 medium avocado due to its rich fat content.

Lunar core

A great source of vitamin E, which plays a key role in maintaining healthy skin, the moon core helps reduce the oxidative damage caused by UV rays on the skin and contributes to making your skin look younger. Don't forget to set your moon core limit to 1 wipe palm.


Walnuts, which have memory boosters, blood sugar stabilizing and heart-protective properties for diabetics, help your skin to be healthier by maintaining its elastic structure thanks to the omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids it contains. You can consume walnuts at your breakfast or snack or add them to your salads. You can easily consume 2-3 whole walnuts per day.


Broccoli, which contains important minerals for skin health such as zinc, vitamin A, vitamin C, also helps prevent oxidative damage that can cause skin to dry out and wrinkle thanks to its content of lutein. You can make broccoli with olive oil or add it to your salads.


Kefir, which stands out for its immune booster and intestinal regulatory effects, also protects the skin against oxidative stress thanks to its antioxidant-acting ingredients. This means that it delays the aging of the cells. You can consume 1 cup of kefir every day.

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