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8 mistakes when driving mascara

1. Using the makeup brush only horizontally

We know that applying mascara to the bottom of your eyelashes is one of the most classic techniques. But in addition, you should keep your mascara brush upright and rub it another layer. You can reach the bottom of your upper lashes more easily by keeping the brush upright and moving it up and down.

2. Using a single mascara to lengthen, volume and curl your lashes

Not every mascara meets your every request. So you have to prioritize and get that feature of mascara. Or you can apply mascara with different properties. For example, after applying mascara that gives volume to both your lashes, you can wait a while and apply elongating mascara.

3. Curl lashes after applying mascara

Always curl your lashes before applying mascara. If you do the curling after, you increase the risk of your eyelashes falling out and breaking. In addition, curling your eyelashes first will increase the effect of mascara.

4. Do not apply concealer to the eyelids

One of the most disturbing things about mascara is that it leaves stains on your eyelids when wet. If you have long eyelashes, do not open your eyelids for a few seconds after applying mascara. If your eyelids are stained, you can clean it by pouring makeup cleanser into the earwax. But no matter how carefully you drive, if you have greasy eyelids, mascara may inevitably infect your eyelids by evening. To prevent this, you can use a concealer or base.

5. Continuously insert and remove the mascara brush to get each drop left in the bottle

This is a very common mistake. Inserting and removing the mascara brush too often causes unwanted air and bacteria to get in and dry your mascara more quickly. Instead, remove the mascara brush by rotating it inside the tube. Also do not forget to make the expiration date of mascara.

6. Leaving the excess mascara at the end of the brush

Do you always have mascara stains on the inside of your eyes? This is because you have not erased the excess left at the end of the brush. Before applying mascara, you can clean the brush with the edge of the tube or with a tissue. A well-designed mascara and brush can prevent such results.

7. Always a topic of discussion: Where to look when driving mascara?

For a long time, the classic method of applying mascara was to tilt the head down or lift the chin and open the mouth. In fact, you need to be looking in all directions to fully implement the product. To apply it to the lashes below, you should look up, and for small lashes that remain inside and out to apply to the upper lashes, you should look at the sides.

8. Riding another layer of mascara at the end of the day

Mascara is not a product that can be easily reapplied at the end of the day, such as blush and lip gloss. Instead, use water-resistant mascara, which is more durable. If you really need to refresh your midday mascara, you can use smaller, more pronounced brushes.

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