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8 liquid matte lipstick under 25 TL

This product, which is very successful in permanence, has one of the indispensable series especially for those who like to use lipstick in nude, burgundy and purple tones. Pastel liquid matte lipsticks, which contain many different nude shades and make the lip look vibrant despite being matte, are number 20.

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Flormar is another brand that stands out for its thick structure and long-lasting durability among matte finish liquid lipsticks. Extreme Color Lip Matte series feeds and moisturizes lips with oils such as olive oil and shea.

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Longstay liquid matte lipstick line from Golden Rose brand, which is one of the products that promises permanence throughout the day without creating weight and dryness in the lips, is fast fixed and does not cause contamination. Offering 12 different color alternatives, the series gives a dense color and mattes and dries in a short time.

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This product, which has both liquid matte lipstick and gloss with its double-sided structure, gives maximum color on one floor without any lip shedding and drying problems. Lipstick provides a perfect appearance, providing up to 16 hours of permanence thanks to its intense pigmentation.

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Lipstick, which is fixed by giving the lips a matte finish color, stands out for its long-term persistence and affordable price. XXXL Longstay lipstick, which offers an easy application thanks to its velvety structure, prevents it from drying out by moisturizing the lips because it is "matt gloss".

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Offering a wide range of color palettes compared to many brands, nyx's Lingerie range does not provide long-lasting persistence, but leaves a velvety feel on the lips. In general, lipsticks from this series of nude tones are preferred because they are fixed without drying the lip.

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Thanks to its moisturizing structure, maybelline brand's Vivid Matte Liquid series, which does not dry lips for a long time, provides a vibrant appearance thanks to its special formula. Lipstick, which does not create a completely matte dryness, also gives a healthy moisture away from the appearance of gloss.

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Note Matte Lipgloss, which provides a permanent appearance with its liquid structure and retains its color for a long time with its special formula, dull as it dries while creating a bright appearance in the first application.

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