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8 foundation for dry skin

This water-based foundation completely provides the moisture and concealer your skin needs. In addition, having 30-factor protection protects your skin from the sun and keeps you younger.

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This color moisturiser can also be used on normal skin, but with its formula created especially for dry skin, it both moisturizes dry skin and gives your skin a protective and concealing effect.

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Despite its lightweight formula, The Balm's colour moisturiser provides better concealer than many equivalent products, moisturizing the skin with its soft finish.

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This foundation, which can be your savior, can give your skin the smoothness you are looking for with its matte structure. Plus, 20 SPF sun protection will be great for your skin.

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One of Chanel's best-selling make-up products, this foundation will win your heart with its light smell and moisturizing structure and provide closure to your skin without drying.

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This colorful moisturiser is easily blended with skin with its soft texture and provides a natural concealer. You also don't need to apply a layer of moisturizer before driving. Its structure, which does not make the skin look too bright, can be a reason to prefer.

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Thanks to its fat-free formula, your skin is both moisturized and does not look oily. In addition, since it is rich in minerals, you can easily rub it on your dry skin.

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With its small bright pigments, you can have both a natural glow and smooth skin. You can also use it easily in winter.

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