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8 different routes for those who want to make a sea holiday

The Gulf of California in Mexico has about 27 degrees in water. And when you go out of the water, the sun-bathed beach won't disappoint you. If you wish, you can stay in tents and take advantage of solar-powered showers. Local dishes and drinks will introduce you to a new culinary experience. You can swim from the slopes or unesco-protected beaches and increase your sea pleasure by renting tools such as skiing and snorkeling.

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Since southern Crete is famous for its mythological stories and history from ancient times, you can see many isolated beaches and ancient ruins and churches on your route. You can also gather your energy with delicious food in the local taverns.

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Bozcaada, one of the most beautiful islands in Turkey, provides many different experiences to tourists with both its urban beauties and beaches. Ayazma beach of Bozcaada is the first address for those who want to relax and relax. And don't forget to explore the local flavours of the island.

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Diving tours in Sri Lanka allow visitors to swim in tropical waters and see marine life more closely. During these tours, you can barbecue on board and swim in the ship's pool. These tours, where you can see the historical sites and face whales and dolphins, will give you an energy that will last all year.

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The Governorship of Musandam in the Persian Gulf has earned the name Norway of Croatia with its majestic natural life, deep waters and rock formations. Explore many caves and wildernesses with adventurous tours.

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This beach, which is between Kalkan and Kas, is famous for its turquoise blue sea. You can enjoy the sea on this beach, which has been awarded the blue flag. You will find the sea holiday you are looking for on this beach, which offers you the sea view you can see in postcards.

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The Unesco-protected Gulf of Kotor, the cave 'Blue Grotto' and the island of Mamula - known as Montenegro's Alcatraz - will cover everything you're looking for on a sea holiday. This place, where you can both walk and swim and get to know it, will blow your mind. You can also go out to sea by canoeing if you want.

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Iztuzu Beach in Dalyan has been one of the nesting sites of caretta carettas for many years. You can choose this place for a holiday where you can see these sweet turtles and enjoy the 4.5 kilometers of beach to the fullest. Dalyan, which attracts many people with both mud baths and ancient ruins, offers a different sea pleasure as it is located at the junction of Aegean and Mediterranean Sea. Don't forget to try Dalyan's ambitious seafood.

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