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8 best mascara from 50 TL

If you want your lashes to look more curled, long and voluminous, you'll love the most preferred False Lash Effect mascara among affordable mascara. Mascara, which is also acclaimed for its renewed exterior design, meets many expectations at the same time.

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Maybelline Lash Sensational, which is the most preferred mascara of the summer months with its water resistant formula, stands out for separating and extending the eyelashes one by one.

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What's Your Type, which is one of the indispensable products for lovers of voluminous and curved eyelashes, extends the lashes by adding volume from bottom to bottom with their hairs of different lengths on the brush.

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False Lash Superstar, which you can use as both mascara and mascara with its double-sided structure, is one of L'oreal's latest mascara. First, it scans the eyelashes with the base side, gives volume, and provides a black appearance with its mascara.

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Essence product, which will be used by those who expect black full lashes from mascara, is preferred with its affordable price and performance. Mascara, which promises 3 times blacker lashes, is also shown as equivalent to many expensive cosmetic brands.

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The product of pastel brand, which has many color alternatives as well as black, is one of the most popular water resistant mascara. Waterproof feature, which has very few mascara in Turkey, prevents mascara from spilling and infecting your eyes.

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With its serum, this product, which accelerates the formation of eyelashes and extends eyelashes for natural appearance, has an easy-to-apply brush, especially for lower eyelashes. With its black formula and dense structure, it plumps even the thinnest eyelashes in one application.

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Sleek, one of the new brands in Turkey, is highly appreciated for its mascara, which gives length to eyelashes. She has already become one of the favorites of makeup lovers with her formula that does not lump and does not flow during the day.

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