Maggie Gyllenhaal, Melanie Laurent et al. are posing for a picture
Home Entertainment Red Carpet 74. Cannes Film Festival Opening Ceremony

74. Cannes Film Festival Opening Ceremony

American director and activist Spike Lee made history as the first black president of the festival jury.

Marion Cotillard and Adam Driver star in Annette, the festival's opening film...

French actress Melanie Laurent is one of the festival's jury members this year...

At the opening ceremony, actor and director Jodie Foster delivered the palm of Gold (Festival's Palme d'honneur), specially prepared by Chopard.

American actress Maggie Gyllenhaal is one of the festival's jury members this year... The player's jewelry is CHOPARD design.

American actress Jessica Chastein's jewelry is CHOPARD, her dress is Dior design...

The 75-year-old English actress has been admiring Helen Mirren's style again.

French musician Lou Dillon was among the most acclaimed for his decency.

American actress Andie MacDowell is one of the stars who has made peace with her white hair...

Top model Bella Hadid is one of the red carpet's most coveted names... Jewelry CHOPARD design.

Swanepoel, one of Victoria's secret's most famous models, wowed on the red carpet.

French musician Carla Bruni's jewelry is Chopard design...

French actor Noemi Merlant and musician Soko signed the most original styles of the night.

French actress Clotilde Hesme was among the decidedly understated names of the night.

Model and actress Sednaoui's jewelry is Chopard design.

Bonus: Invites dazzling at Paris Fashion Week

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