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7 wrong known correctly about edema drinks

ACTUALLY: Edema does not weaken drinks. Although weakening is measured by a reduction in weight, there should actually be targeted fat loss here. However, when entering the slimming process, the first targeted edema is thrown away. Edema drinks help to remove excess water that accumulates in the tissues, but since it is mainly fat loss that provides body change, you should focus on fat loss rather than edema loss in the weight loss process. Fat loss is also unfortunately possible not with herbal solutions, but with a balanced diet plan and regular exercise.

ACTUALLY: Edema drinks are not consumable for everyone. Heart patients, people with high blood pressure, people with diabetes or reactive hypoglycemia, pregnant and lactating people should be especially careful about these drinks. For example, using the ginseng plant unconsciously can cause your blood sugar to drop or your blood pressure to rise. In this sense, plants should not be used unconsciously in excess quantities. Especially people in the risky group should be much more careful when using edema remover mixtures. Again, when some mixtures are used continuously or in high quantities, the risk of miscarriage in pregnant women or nursing mothers may cause the formation of unwanted side effects by passing milk to the baby.

ACTUALLY: Blood pressure patients should be especially careful. Diuretics, i.e. diuretic plants or plant mixtures such as corn tassel, cherry stalk, which are often used for the purpose of removing edema, can lead to negative consequences in some hypertension patients who are already taking medications. Because some hypertension drugs also have a diuretic, that is, water removal effect from the body, and if water consumption in these people is insufficient, plant mixtures taken for edema can have negative consequences for these patients.

ACTUALLY: From time to time, people can consume them as a meal by preparing various mixtures of plants and fruits for the purpose of detoxifying, weight loss or removing edema. Although planning liquid meals in this way from time to time for healthy people is not a problem, it is both difficult to sustain and liquid eating in this way can negatively affect eating behavior in the long term. Because the chewing factor in liquid nutrition disappears, the sense of satisfaction decreases, and also because liquid foods leave the stomach quickly, problems with fast hunger, blood sugar regulation can occur, and the person can gain more weight faster after that. 

ACTUALLY: You need to be very careful when preparing teas or drinks that help you pay for using herbs or herbal mixtures. Because these plants can interact with certain drugs when used in excess or often. For example, green tea, which is often used as an edema shooter or during the construction of edema drinks, can interact with these drugs in patients taking a type of blood yesilant drug, which is the warfarin group, which can reduce the effectiveness of these drugs.

ACTUALLY: Edema drinks or edema teas can cause serious damage to the kidneys. The best way to remove edema is to drink enough water. Adequate drinking of water prevents the retention of excess water in the body. If your water consumption is insufficient while consuming edema remover drinks, it can lead to a decrease in kidney blood, causing acute kidney failure. In this sense, the best way to eliminate edema is salt restriction and adequate liquid consumption. In addition, the use of foods such as spinach, chard, parsley, cucumber, strawberries, which are rich in oxalate, often and in excessive amounts in edema-inducing mixtures can also lead to the formation of kidney stones. 

ACTUALLY: Edema drinks are no substitute for water. Many people complain that they do not have a habit of drinking water and aim to get water thanks to the herbal liquid mixtures that they prepare. But unfortunately, these herbal mixtures can leave you dehydrated by increasing the excretion of water from the body with a diuretic effect. The best way to provide enough water to the body and eliminate edema is to consume enough, that is, 2-2.5 liters of unadulterated plain water daily. 

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