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7 ways to live quieter

It's hard to slow down when there are dozens of things to grow during the day. Today, especially in metropolitan life, the general thought Is this way. But moving slower is not an obstacle to what needs to be grown during the day. Even moving slowly brings with it the necessary focus on the work to be done.

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With technological developments in recent years, time spent in the digital world, mainly on social media, is increasing. But the hustle and bustle of both the real and virtual world, instant notifications, messages, messages that need to be answered, emails cause the brain to tire and life to flow fast. It is possible to slow life by doing a digital diet, in other words, limiting the use of technology.

Having too many things to complete at the same time is perhaps the most important problem of the modern world today. But catching up with everything is not possible both physically and spiritually. Correctly planning and lining up what needs to be completed is the most practical and non-tedious solution. 

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People who find it difficult to focus on the main often focus on the past and the future. But the main thing is to focus on the present moment and enjoy the moment. Spending energy thinking about “what should have been” and “what would have been” is one of the common mistakes. The past cannot be changed, and the future cannot be predicted. The only thing that can change is the moment.

Nature is perhaps the simplest proof that life continues without flowing fast. It has been proven that people who spend more time in nature experience less problems such as anxiety and depression, and enjoy the moment by moving more slowly.

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Developing technology and the fact that everything is more easily accessible also raises an important problem; fast consumption. We consume faster than before, eat faster, use and wear everything out faster. Focusing only on what is needed, eating slowly, consuming slowly are among the few small and easy steps that can be taken to decelerate life.  

Although it may seem possible individually to slow down life and focus on the moment, the lack of people with the same thought leads to more energy and time being spent. In addition to the steps that will be taken individually, people in the surrounding area should also be told the reason and importance of slowing down life. An increase in the number of people in this consciousness will bring collective happiness.

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