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7 topics you should know about IVF treatment

Infertility is not a woman's problem. Assessments conducted in infertile couples show that the causes of men and women are almost equal in proportion.

The presence of semen in the male does not indicate that reproductive capacity is normal. The fact that a man has a healthy sex life and does not have problems with ejaculation does not indicate that his reproductive capacity is normal.

Although reproductive capacity varies with age, young couples may also not be able to have children naturally. Because age-related infertility is just one of the reasons.

Age is also important for IVF treatment. People can postpone having children for a variety of reasons. If they do not feel ready, it is not right to rush about it, but it is grerekir to remember that age is an important factor. Because the decrease in the chance of conception by natural means also applies to the state of conception by IVF method. According to statistics, the rate at which women who have IVF under the age of 35 can have a baby is about 35 percent. At the age of 43-44, this figure falls to 3 percent.

IVF treatment, contrary to what is predicted, cannot guarantee you that you will necessarily have children. The success rate may vary between clinics, and not every pregnancy may end in childbirth Dec. Therefore, the possibility of negative results should also be considered.

Babies born through IVF do not become healthier and smarter. Because the embryo selection process performed in the IVF process is performed according to the morphological characteristics of the embryo and the embryo with the highest retention capacity is tried to be selected. Meeting these criteria is the intelligence of the baby to be born as a result of pregnancy, etc. it does not determine such characteristics.

Even if you do IVF, you can't choose the sex of the baby. Gender selection is only made if there are some genetic disorders related to sex.

Obstetrics and IVF Specialist Op. Dr. Betül Görgen: “After the arrival of the first IVF nearly 40 years ago, millions of babies were born with this and similar methods. Thanks to this new technology, which is almost an evolution for couples who cannot have children naturally, countless couples have achieved their dreams.

But apart from all these positive gains, it is also important to remember the negative psychological effects of IVF treatment, which are not taken into account.…

Being unable to conceive easily and naturally is a distressing and painful process in itself. During this treatment, medical practices, physical changes caused by the influence of medications, and tense waits are also a separate source of stress. Especially in our country, the suppressive effects of environmental and familial factors are not underestimated.

Although it is easy to access information, there is incorrect information about IVF procedures in society. Even couples who are at the stage of starting this treatment can express their doubts about ethical issues and practices that are forbidden in our country (sperm, egg donation, etc.). Because of all these fears and misinformation, many couples hide that they are undergoing IVF treatment or have a baby in this way.”

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