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7 recommendations that love reading books to children

When babies are still in the womb, they begin to distinguish sounds and especially to recognize the mother's. So don't ever think it's too early to read her Book recommendations for expectant mothers , even during pregnancy! From infancy, reading will become a little more meaningful. Parent child bonding will be strengthened and language development, listening and speaking skills will be supported.

In the morning or evening, before or after school, whenever it happens, try to include books in the child's daily schedule in some way. If the age is suitable for preparing a program together, you can take his opinion and decide in what time frame to put it. Making reading part of your sleep routine can make the transition to sleep easier and more enjoyable.


Talking about it, asking questions, showing interest in what she is reading will be a pretty good booster for your child after reading a Most Beautiful Gift Children's Books on April 23 . In fact, to make this even more enjoyable, you can play games and develop activities that are suitable for the subject of the book, its main idea. Conversations about the authors of books, interesting information and watching movies of books, if any, can also help.


There is no strict rule about how many books children should read in a given period of time. You can set weekly/monthly targets with your child by observing their age and speed. You can encourage him to read more by making a painting and hanging it in his room, writing the books he reads, encouraging and rewarding him when he reaches the goal.


Allow your child to choose the books they will read. It is important for identity development to create your personal taste and preference. On the other hand, observing his choices allows you to take a closer look at his inner world. Visit bookstores and libraries together. Spend time between shelves and enjoy exploring. A little reminder: Make sure you review the books you buy before that to see if they're suitable for content and age.


Reading a book is not just an activity related to school or lessons. Your child should understand that this is a pleasure that can find a place in every moment of life. It doesn't matter if it's morning or evening when you're on vacation, on a trip, waiting somewhere. And there's no rule about what to read. Magazines, books, newspapers and electronic books that are becoming more and more common today are different options for your child. Even signs, signs, billboards, anything you see written around can become an exercise in speeding up reading.


Finally, as with everything, you have the greatest power. A quicker way than words, rules, all pursuits, as parents, read a lot. If your child grows up in a house where books are visibly displayed, touched, read, the likelihood of becoming a bookworm will increase. It's also nutritious in many ways to organize a reading time together as a family, and then share what you've read.

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