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7 recommendations for the last 3 weight diet

Unfortunately, in order to lose weight, weight loss programs that do not fit our lifestyle in this process, are very low in calories, which do not have sustainability, slow down our metabolism with excess. For example, diets associated with single food intake, diets made only with detox juices and smoothies, single-meal diets, etc. As the body regulates itself in accordance with this new low calorie by reducing the working pace, we begin to be unable to lose weight at the last point. Acıbadem Dr. Şinasi Can (Kadıköy) Hospital Nutrition and diet expert evolution Demirel “if we have entered such a process, it is necessary to rest the body a little, by pulling up the calories taken up to 200-300 calories by this time, make changes in the diet style and surprise the body and metabolism. But it is also useful to increase our daily movements in terms of not causing weight gain again while increasing calories. Instead of depriving our bodies, focus on nutrition and let weight loss manifest itself as a natural side effect."he says.  

If you have not started an exercise since the beginning of your diet, be sure to try cardio-type exercises that increase your heart rate; these are especially very brisk walking, running and swimming. A loss instead of fat loss in the body of the Nov of this exercise, especially around the belly, indicating the types of lubrication that reduces risking our health, sports nutrition and diet expert Evrim Demirel said: “We're doing our diet since the beginning of sports, but couldn't ulasamamisiz time or regular or sufficient levels of it. Especially in order to ensure fat loss, we need to do the sport at least 3-4 times a week without disrupting it and for 1 -1.5 hours as a period. Exercise below these periods will only be effective in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and weight, but it will not allow you to lose weight. Of course, it is also important that you do not have a cardiac risk and a health problem in your skeletal November system before you plan to do these exercises.”

You may have health problems that trigger your weight gain and even make it very difficult for you to lose weight. The main causes of these health problems are hypotroidism, polycystic ovary syndrome, and sleep apnea. In this process, when you cannot lose weight, it is useful to go through a doctor's check and determine whether you have such diseases. If there is one of these diseases detected, treatment should be started quickly during the diet process, because if it is not treated, it is like paddling into the stream, and you can not make your way in the diet.

Nutrition and diet expert Evrim Demirel “weight loss is a process that requires slow and long Labor. Because our weight is too much when we start dieting, the body reacts quickly due to changes in our eating habits and low calorie intake, and at first weight loss is fast. But it slows down over time, the tempo drops as you get closer to the goal, the final pounds start to become stubborn. In the meantime, the person begins to get away with dieting for a long time, has difficulty maintaining stable dietary habits at the beginning of the diet, and enters a psychological vicious circle decidedly. For once, in order to be successful, our weight loss goals that we have set must not be reasonable and in numbers that risk our health. Not everyone has to be looking muscular mannequins in ideal sizes after losing weight; it's important to keep this in mind when setting reasonable goals. If he is not going to the last 2-4 kg when you do a stable diet and exercise, you should leave the body alone and leave the body to rest so that he does not gain weight again."he says. 

Many people get very inadequate nutrients in the main meals when trying to lose weight and starve themselves for too long. Depending on this, he constantly eats something on his feet due to long starvation without realizing it. He is very surprised to see that he does not lose weight at the weigh-in when he aims to lose weight because he eats these snacks at meals that he considers normal. “A healthy diet for more Diet what when and how much you eat is very important,” said Evrim Demirel nutrition and diet expert, in order to do this tracking by suggesting that you keep your log and write up what eat in a day, thus getaway where you are doing, the better you can identify your extra and unnecessary calories, he says. 

Unfortunately, diet is a sensitive issue, and there are many dietary products on the market for it. Sugar-free drinks, gluten-free, low-fat, low-fat and low-calorie diet products are very wide range. But such products appear to be harmless in the diet and should not be consumed constantly on your feet. After all, the calories of these products are not zero, and when eaten too much, it will cause a certain calorie load and make the process of weight loss difficult. 

Nutrition and diet expert Evrim Demirel “drinking water is a factor that helps to lose weight. If you do not consume enough water in the diet, your weight gain may slow down. Drinking 1-2 cups of water, especially before meals, will reduce caloric intake. Do not forget to drink water in the diet. The average daily water to drink varies according to the person and should be 20-30 ml per kg."he says. 

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