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7 recommendations for effective meditation

Let's start by saying that meditation is an extremely personal experience. Therefore, although you receive advice from many reliable guides on this issue, what you perceive during meditation and the way you incorporate these meditations into your life will be special to you. To start meditation, it is recommended to create a certain area at home. Natural stones in this area, dream traps you can decorate it with plants or various symbols. In this way, you decipher the space in a sense and draw a boundary between the daily flow of home life and the meditation space. Let's move on to the floor... You will need a meditation cushion that will allow you to sit comfortably and upright for a long time, and a yoga mat for lying down. For both, choosing products that do not sweat and do not contain plastic-like substances is effective for your concentration.  Made of colorful cotton woven fabric for meditation cushion, filled with local Siese wheat husk Eldoku it offers models and alternatives for many levels for the mat Yogazero you can check out the options of sustainable technology-based, non-slip yoga mat. 

Tea and meditation are an inseparable duo! You've heard of the Tea Ceremony, which is part of the Zen meditation rituals. Let's add this ceremonial tea treat from Japan to the to-do list and move on to suggestions that are easily available from our own geography for pre-meditation. First, your drink preference should be in favor of calming herbal teas, that is, it should not contain caffeine and Thein. According to your taste buds, you can choose sage, green tea, or many plant yesilirsiniz. Offering plants processed by controlled agriculture from kazdağlar and Isparta Miel an affordable option with various alternatives. 

The effect of smells from nature on meditation is a subject that scientists have come under the lens of, as in the traditions of various cultures... With sage incense, which is believed to purify the space from negative energies, you can purify the energy of your home at any time, not only for meditation. By setting a priority such as focus, calm down, cheer up, you can make the essential oil of your choice much more effective with the help of Censer. Founded by Gul Usta, who specialized in the Department of medicinal and Aromatic Plants of Uskudar University after a bachelor's degree in sociology with a passion for aromatherapy Terra Natural Life interesting addresses on this subject... Terra's Censer sets include Relax, Joy, Focus and Bereket. In addition, natural candles and incense can be found in mind as a practical method to both prepare the environment and provide concentration by focusing on the flame/smoke. 

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Meditation is not just an instant relief, but an experience where you can get support to transform your life when done regularly. For this purpose, you should first ask yourself what you want to attract to your life and answer honestly. In addition, you can get help from some objects to add this topic to your every moment, not just the time period in which you meditate. Founded by Merve Uçar Filiz, who left corporate life and moved on the spiritual path 108th anniversary designed with natural stone crystals Crystal Water Bottle and Property it offers quite stylish and effective alternatives with its products such as. Crystal water bottle is based on a tradition from ancient cultures that benefits from the contact of high-vibration natural stone crystals with water and to change and increase the frequency of water molecules with the healing energy of the stones. Property a meditation rosary consisting of 108 beads decked out from semi-precious stones, tree seeds or some special trees, by throwing knots between them... The mantra that you use in meditation, that is, the affirmation sentence and Breath, follows and gives dimension to your practice, symbolizing your intention and moving it to everyday use. On days when you can't carry it around your neck, you can put it on the bedside table, under the pillow, on your mirror.

Tibetan, Zen, or Himalayan “Singing Bowls’ in the West, known as “Suzu gong” in Japan Tibetan bowls today, with the understanding of the value of Eastern medicine, it also began to gain importance in our country. The first examples of these bowls, which are known to have been made during the Buddha period, that is, about 2500 years ago, came from India to Tibet along with the teachings of the Buddha. It has been determined that the vibrations emitted from the Tibetan bowls, which have been used to deepen meditation and support the enlightenment process, reduce brain waves to the level of Theta and balance the energy disorder between the body's cells decoupled. It has been proven to have helpful effects on topics such as deep relaxation, Reiki, chakra balancing, meditation, reducing stress levels. In addition, the vibrations it emits have benefits such as frequency tracking and right/left brain synchronization, helping focus. 

Chakra, which means wheel in Sanskrit, refers to the energy centers in the body according to ancient Eastern teachings. There are seven basic energy centers in our body. These energy centers are located above the hormonal glands and large neural networks. During your meditation, you can get help from aromatherapy when you are working to balance the chakras or especially heal a certain Chakra. In 2012 Asli San Bilgin founded by Homemade Aromatherapy, it offers a special oil for each chakra. Prepared with cold hard oils and pure essential oils without additives, these products can be found at Homemade aromatherapy stores or on the website. Known for hair care products AVEDA the brand's Ayurvedic tradition was also carried to the Chakra Mist. You can use the balancing aromatic pure-fume series, which contains pure essential oils, both during meditation and during the day as an essential oil. 

At the end of Yoga or meditation sessions, we have reached the stage where you lie down... Shavasana (corpse posture) final rest is placed over the eyes during this work, which is referred to as deep relaxation lavender pillows it provides focus with the darkness it provides while loosening it with its smell and massaging it around your eyes. Neck pillows, on the other hand, allow you to relax and some models relieve neck pain.

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