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7 products effective for acne treatment

This product, which significantly reduces the swelling and redness of acne when applied in a thin layer, is absorbed without leaving an oily appearance on the skin thanks to its gel structure. It can be applied directly on the pimple or it can be used as a base under makeup when necessary.

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This product, which can be used with the comfort of acne and stained skin, reduces the flawed appearance and promises smooth skin without irritating the skin with its organic structure. You can use the solution, which offers smoother, healthier and cleaner skin with regular use for 4 weeks, after cleaning your skin.

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Thanks to the salicylic acid and zinc complex contained in it, this cleaning gel, which is effective in removing your small size pimples, stands out for being suitable for normal and mixed skin type. You can use the product, which has been observed to reduce defects in the skin with regular use, when cleaning your skin in the morning and evening.

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This gel structure product, which you can apply after your daily skin cleansing, aims to make the skin look cleaner and healthier after 4 weeks of use. When applied in a thin layer, it dries quickly and prevents the skin from lubricating. Thanks to the MicroClear technology in its formula, it reduces the size and redness of acne.

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This tonic, which contains salicylic acid and aloe vera extract, relieves acne rashes and purifies pores, giving the skin a matte appearance. When you apply it to the T area after your regular facial cleansing every day, you will see that your skin tissue is smooth.

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This product, which provides targeted acne care for adults, reduces the appearance of skin problems when you apply this product to your cleaned skin once a day in a thin layer. With its structure containing sulfur and vitamin B3, it prevents acne and acne scars and does not leave an oily appearance on the skin with its fast-absorbed formula.

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Effective in closing disorders for types of oily and acne-prone skin, this product fights against acne spots and acts from the first use. The gel-cream provides rapid absorption in the tissue and mattes without leaving a feeling of oil on the skin. In addition, the seramid substance contained in it prevents the formation of red and brown acne spots on the skin.

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