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7 proactive steps to get better under difficult conditions

The first step to getting to know yourself well is to know what's good for you. Get yourself a little notebook for that. Start writing down your features on the first page of the notebook that you think you know well about yourself. "What do I do well, what am I good at, what are my aspects good?" Create your list by asking questions. This small but important work is of great value to know ourselves well. In fact, if you can't think of anything, ask the people you share life with and get support. Ask your mother, father, brother, child, wife and lover. Write down every answer you get. Each one will be very valuable.

Knowing yourself well, getting to know yourself well is actually one of the most important steps in trying to be good for yourself. Make the most of this step.

Ask yourself regularly what's good for me. It could be a color, an object, a drink that's good for you. Write down everything that's good for you when it's around you. Going out into the wild, a picture of nature, maybe a book, a song, identify them. Only you can know what's good for you. Think about it and write it all down. Your ritual when you wake up in the morning, saluting yourself in the mirror, breathing exercises, tea you drink for breakfast...

In all aspects of life, in all circumstances, try to notice what is good for you without straying from your resources. Type individually and then when you look at this list, please realize how important it is to you. Your list has no boundaries. Make new additions every day, detail them as much as you can. Remember that this list will tell you.

Accumulate words that create value. Write down important words that interest you at every turn. Accumulate the words of a special writer, a poet, an opinion leader, a wise man, a scientist that are good for you.

Bring these words to mind from time to time and start thinking about them immediately. Assess how it makes you feel and how it's good for you. These thinking experiments will open your mind and you will be able to look at life through the filter of that promise. This will raise awareness for you and you will make a difference with your words that create value every time you speak.

If you keep a diary, go back and concentrate on what you've written and what your writing has made you feel. Keep a diary, if you don't, start now. Moments that are good for you, make a note of the good details. You will feel good while writing and then you will experience the same feelings again when you go back and read it again.

Go back to your photo albums and look at them one by one, review them. It's not what happened in that moment, it's what they make you feel in the present. Focus on feeling good.

If you have a music library, check it out. Make a playlist of songs that are good for you. Listen and think, imagine.

Look, you're actually using all your senses to choose what's good for you. These are your sources, data you can evaluate. That's when you realize your feelings again.

We keep our five senses awake, which keeps us alive, that allows us to communicate. We use our memories to improve our observations and imagination.

Ask yourself this question and start looking for answers. Observe yourself. Try to notice your obstacles and start researching what you need to remove them.

Start making choices about your own life. If you're having trouble doing something, there's a barrier. Only you can unblock it. And you're the only one who can decide if he's an obstacle. Because you're the only one responsible for the best management of your life. You're the only one who can get yourself into the situation you want to feel.

You must have your breath. Breathe for good, to be good. Do it to stay in good and balanced. When you feel a little troubled, sit down immediately, lean back, put your hands on both sides, leave your head as comfortable as you are. Find a position where you're comfortable and not stressed.

Breathe through your nose and exhale through your nose. Keep breathing like this for as long as you want. Keep doing this until you feel better. Don't limit yourself. Breathe long and calmly into it, let it in and release it, feel it go through all your cells and down to the ground from the ground where your foot stepped, then take it back up and stick it out of your nose. Then take it again and give it to me. How about starting the day like this every morning?

See your truths and believe in them and do not run away from them. Do not cover it up, fearing the truth. Do not exaggerate, magnify, diminish, and most importantly, ignore the facts. Always try to see the facts with your most real perception. Accept the facts as your eyes see and your perception feels. Trust your intuition, your perception. Get the opinions of different people, but make the assessment yourself. The choice must be yours again.

Be at the center of your own life to be good for yourself. Don't tire yourself out by trying to control other people's lives. Be good to yourself with your own choice, your own reality, and focus on being good for others in this way.

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