a house with a stone wall
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7 houses fascinating with their gardens

Blending the traditional features of European architecture with a modern style, this extraordinary beautiful villa's garden also has a very special landscape. First of all, this landscape, which is made entirely using natural materials, sums up very well to us that the most beautiful things can always be found in nature and that industrial products can never rival nature.

It was prepared by homify.com.tr, an international decoration and architecture site.

a white house with a stone wall

A stylish garden with a wonderful stone house, a delightful garage and a large square furnished with keystones. Of course, not only that, but also flowers and tall trees of all kinds of colors that have taken their place in the corners. All of this is in plain harmony, and none of them are trying to stand out too much and spoil simplicity.

a house with a garden in front of it

Garden fences are one of the most important parts of a garden. Because one of the most important things that defines a garden is the boundaries that separate it from the outside world. But boundaries are not very popular in all cases. This garden, with no artificiality and no boundaries, is a great example of this.

a house with trees around it

Concrete is a word that is often used as a contrast to green and nature, sometimes even as an insult. However, concrete is not to blame in this, it's the fault of those of us who poured it into the mountain and covered the world with concrete. When used correctly, concrete can also be a great building material. Here's an example. This structure, which resembles a castle, dazzles with its architecture, courtyard and garden worthy of a castle.

a building with glass walls

When we think of a village house, we usually think of stale buildings from the slum. Unfortunately, in recent years, these village houses, which are made of traditional architecture, mud brick in some regions and stone or wood in some regions, have been demolished and similar reinforced concrete structures are erected in their places. However, simple reinforced concrete structures cannot be handled even in the same parent bracket, let alone compete with traditional architecture. If we stop seeing modernity as steel and concrete and embrace our own values and culture, maybe one day we'll have village houses like this.

a house with a grass yard

Wooden houses are attractive to almost any person. Log houses, on the other hand, have a beauty that far exceeds even ordinary wooden houses. With its garden with an eye-catching landscape and the shade of the tall trees surrounding it, this log house is also beautiful enough to truly adorn dreams.

a house with a brick driveway

If you're one of those romantics who says whether it's a small two-story house or a small garden and a pink shutter, there's no doubt you'll love it, even if it doesn't have pink shutters. Especially the little garden, which is beautiful as a miniature playhouse, is delicious enough to be worth a lifetime.

a house with a lawn and chairs
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