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7 furniture design iconized 20th century

Considered one of the best modern designs, the "Wassily Chair" was designed by Marcel Breuer from 1925 to 1926. The chair, which was handcrafted until 1950, continued to be produced in the factory after these years. The chair, which was designed using metal and leather that went beyond the usual use of wood at that time, still comes up frequently today.

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We continue with another icon "Barcelona chair" that we all know well, the chair designed by Mies Van Der Rohe for the Barcelona fair in 1929 is highly appreciated. Mies, the owner of this work, which is still popular today, is one of the pioneers of the Bauhaus school.  He also owns the word "less is more."

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"Noguchi Table" was designed by Isamu Naguchi in 1939 with its solid wood, soft curved minimal foot and glass table. You should not be surprised that the solid wooden coffee table foot engraved in the sculptural logic came out of the hands of a sculptor. Today, the work is frequently seen in interiors furnished in eclectic style.

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Produced in curved form with the help of 3D molds using Plywood,the work was named the best design of the 20th century by Time magazine.   Although today the work has furnished or different polished options, the original walnut polished version always seems to be one step ahead of the others.  "Eames Lounge Chair" is another important work that the artist signed off on in the 1950s.

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One of the most important coffee table designs of the 20th century is the "E1027 Side Table", which is produced using chrome and glass. The most notable feature of moma's permanent collection since 1977 is that it can be used with multiple functions thanks to its adjustable height.

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Inspired by a streetlight, the work is designed by archille and pier castiglioni. Carrera has received numerous design awards for its stainless steel body, elegant lines and unorthodox stance when it was designed, sitting on a white marble base. Today, it is frequently seen in modern interiors.

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There's a work that we're not very strangers to, which we often encounter today as butterfly chairs. The first prototype appeared in the 1940s; Designed by Jorge Ferrari Hardoy, the chair is made using steel pipe and leather. The work is still eye-catching with its functionality, modern appearance and 80 years of history.

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