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7 foundation for oily skin

Notable for being water resistant, foundation does not disperse with heat and sweat and remains permanent throughout the day. The biggest plus is that it is an affordable option!


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Foundations in the form of minerals and powders are the biggest enemies of oily skin. There's nothing better than sucking too much sebum off the wire. However, it is also very difficult to drive and apply. Try the app in thin layers.


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It provides a slightly natural appearance with its oil-free formula, which closes the glowing areas, provides moisture-free spots.  Foundation contained in SPF may be the choice of those who want a silky look.


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With 30 different color options, it is possible to find a product suitable for every skin tone. Its oil-free, mineral formula provides good concealment.


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Although this product of MAC does not include the term 'mattifyer', it stands out as the most preferred foundation especially for fashion weeks. It so lingers the spotlight with even more glare underneath.


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Our next recommendation is not a foundation, but a base. We know it's hard to find foundation that fits your skin tone. Just when you're saying I found it, you discover that this product flows in the summer heat and lubricates your skin. Here's how you mix urban decay's powder with your foundation, which not only changes its color, but also prevents glare by fixing the product to your skin.


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Featuring 20 color options, the Velvet Matte Foundation Stick instantly provides a soft matte, does not dry, does not fill the lines and certainly does not leave a moldy appearance. Move it around your face for a natural look, and apply it pointily to different areas of your face for a more intense concealer.


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