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7 false known correctly in the diet

Drinking lemon water won't help you remove toxins from your body, it won't burn fat and it won't make your body alkaline! It only allows you to increase your daily water consumption and vitamin C intake. It's a fact that it feels like you're doing something good for yourself and provides good motivation during the day. If you have such a routine and do not have any stomach ailments, you can continue. But remember that regular consumption can damage your tooth enamel over time, as your teeth are exposed to acid during the day.

As the belief grew that it could be weakened by consuming any mixture, many alternatives began to form that we could consume in different forms. These come in the form of recipes we can make in our homes, as well as many smoothies that are commercially “meal substitutes.” However, just as it is not right to ignore decontamination, which is an important factor for your appetite signals, the ratio of fiber to food passing through the blender leads to the loss of vitamins and minerals. Moreover, these types of nutrition models are not sustainable for many people. You can clench your teeth for a while to lose weight and have no trouble consuming meals in liquid form, but then what? These drinks, which you think weaken and are often labeled as healthy, can cause your calorie intake to be uncontrolled and distract you from the weight loss you are targeting.

Carbohydrates are stored in the body along with water. Glycogen, which is our carbohydrate storage, is on average 500 g in a person. A long low-carb diet leads to the emptying of these stores. Therefore, since the water used to store carbohydrates along with your reduced glycogen storage is not needed, you will see a weight loss that is quickly reflected in the weight. It should not be excluded that the weight lost here will return when you add carbohydrates to your diet plan again.decadence: The type of carbohydrate taken in the diet is quite important. It is necessary to avoid foods that contain simple sugar, simple sugar and are made with white flour. But you can manage the weight loss process with a balanced diet with protein, complex carbohydrates and fat ratios that meet our energy needs.

Of course, it matters how many calories you take daily until you reach your target weight. But just as calculating the amount of calories you take alone is not an accurate behavior change, it does not bring about permanent weight loss. The most important point we need to know here is that not every calorie is equal. It is true that all calories have the same amount of energy, but the human body is in a structure that counts not only calories, but molecules. Your food preferences may be more important than what you eat, how much. For this reason, it is important to be fed in the weight loss process by providing adequate, balanced and diverse from each food group, without just getting stuck in calorie intake.

” I can't drink my tea and coffee without sugar, but I use brown sugar, " if you are one of those who says, except that there are small differences between the two, the health effects of brown sugar are decidedly different from white sugar. Molasses extracted during the process to obtain white sugar are re-added to obtain brown sugar. Although brown sugar contains amounts of minerals and vitamins that can be called insignificant, this does not mean that brown sugar is better. In short, both sugar and dark color do not make brown sugar ‘diet friendly’. Especially in our country, the consumption of high amounts of tea and coffee added to the sugar consumption of the Daily simple sugar intake along with your calorie intake by reducing the weight loss process not only support a very positive effect on your health will lead to a change in behavior.

Water is undoubtedly the healthiest drink. Water, which is essential for many metabolic processes, such as digestion, absorption and transport of nutrients to cells; removal of harmful waste from the body, can also slow down the process of weight loss when it is not consumed enough during the day. When the body is dehydrated, digestive enzymes and intestines can slow down, causing weight gain. Drinks such as tea, coffee, herbal tea that you consume during the day contribute to your water intake, but as always, it will be more beneficial to consume water directly in the process when you start with the goal of weight loss. A healthy adult individual should consume 30-35 ml per weight, on average 2-2.5 liters of water.

“Drinking by adding various oils to coffee is a practice that we often hear about recently and many people do, " said Ezgi Hazal Celik, a nutrition and diet expert. Sugar-free coffee accelerates metabolism depending on the amount of caffeine it contains when consumed in moderation and supports the process of weight loss with its effects on appetite. But adding coconut oil or butter to coffee can increase the energy we will get from a cup of coffee, as well as lead to regular consumption of excess saturated fat, causing cholesterol levels to rise over time. The basic principle of losing weight and burning fat is that the calories spent in the energy balance during the day are more than the calories taken, that is, you create a calorie deficit,” he says.

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