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7 Best Summer Movies

Summer holidays on one side and Barcelona; Penelope and Scarlett on the other side. What about another word? It's not over yet; Javier Bardem is the real boy, and Woody Allen is the man who makes cities talk in the director's chair. You'd better start watching the movie as soon as possible, and then check out the flights to Barcelona.

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If summer comes to mind to embark on new loves, you should definitely give this film a chance. Celine and Jesse met on a train from Budapest to Vienna and watched 14 hours together until sunrise , one of the most emotional summer romance films. After its success, the films Before Sunset and Midnight, in which we watch different stories of the same couple, are just as successful as the first.

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When it comes to romance and summer romance, it's impossible to pass up this story. The Notebook, which has been working tirelessly for years on the rich girl-poor boy relationship in perhaps the most impressive way, will surely lead you to a flood of emotions when you watch it. Because if you're not shedding tears on Alie and Noah's love, your boyfriend seems to be a little right to accuse you of callousness...

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a man holding a woman

Not if we don't talk about Grease while romance is at its peak. Grease, for which our mothers and fathers lined up in cinemas; Travolta's good looks are a true summer classic, with cool hair, classic cars and, of course, unforgettable songs and dances.

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We're not going to spend the whole summer in love. It takes some action and intrigue. Here's the talented Mr. Ripley. The film is a wind of lies, with Matt Damon as tom ripley, the brilliant sociopath who always wants more, and Jude Law as dickie greenleaf, the wealthy family boy.

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Since its release in the summer of 1975, the cute fish that comes to mind when everyone who enters the sea first steps into the water(!) Yes, you got that right, I'm talking about Spielberg's Jaws. Jaws, which has been people's fearful dream for years, grabbing his arm and leg, turning the place into a bloodbath; He remains the best friend of those who can't get permission from the boss, who can't go on vacation. And those who go on holiday should not rejoice, but be out of their way... yes, yes, something hit your foot.

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I can almost hear you telling me where Star Wars came from right now. However, when it comes to summer films, it is an indisputable fact that the series adds a whole new dimension to the subject of "summer movies" with its six films released in May from 1977 to 2005. Otherwise, this has nothing to do with me being a Star Wars fan. Besides, is it going to be the season to watch Star Wars ?

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