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6 ways to evaluate stairwells

We all know that no matter how big your home is, more storage space is always needed. Drawers and cabinets that collect the clutter around and make our houses look much more organized can be used in many different functions. Isn't it also a great idea to turn stairwells into storage space instead of standing as a dysfunctional space?

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Especially for houses and book-loving homeowners who do not have a separate and spacious study, libraries and libraries are always a problem. If you place your libraries in the hall, you will narrow down your seating area and create a more crowded, tiring design; Library designs in the bedroom, which are extremely rare, are not recommended from a health point of view, as books are actually dusty objects. Turning stairwells into libraries by adding open shelves is one of the ideas that saves space and creates a highly sophisticated look.

a person standing on a bookshelf

Creating a small divan-style seating area in the stairwell is also one of the ideas that will increase the resting areas in the house and make the empty stairwells look inviting. Isn't such an attractive seating area a candidate to be your own private resting area where you can read your book while sipping your coffee?

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Of course, we all love living in the city, but for the city's residents, adding natural touches to homes is also essential to satisfy our souls and reduce the stress of city life. Zen gardens, which revive interiors and provide peace of mind with their healing effect, are also an increasingly common decoration trend, especially in recent years. Zen gardens, which have a floor of sand, gravel or stones, are ideal for adding naturalness to modern houses, not to mention having a great appearance. Creating Zen gardens in stairwells is also one of the ideas that attracts you.

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Some of the duplex houses are located on the ground floor, while bathrooms and toilets are located near private living areas on the second floor. Which, of course, is a challenge for guests coming home. Stairwells, although narrow, often have the potential to be a small sink and chambers where the toilet can fit. If you want to build a special sink and toilet for your guests on the ground floor, your place is ready!

Stylish buffets and bars are also ideal for this if you want to evaluate the stairwells without any building costs. Especially painted in a vibrant color, the remarkable buffet or bars that fill your stairwell can be one of the elements of both aesthetic and sophisticated and functional design.

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