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6 unfamiliar features of Concealer

If you want your headlights to be more permanent throughout the day, you can apply concealers to your eyelids. Gently apply your concealer all over your eyelid before applying your headlights. This will increase the pigmentation of your headlights and make them look more vibrant.

You can get a bright look by applying a light concealer of your skin color to your cheekbones, under your eyebrow bones and nose.

This time, you can highlight your facial features by contouring with one or two shades of light concealer from your skin color. You will not need a separate contour product with a concealer in liquid, creamy form.

Coupled with your moisturiser, your concealer turns into a light colored moisturiser, BB cream, like water. Mix concealer and moisturiser on your hand two-on-one, then apply to your face for a bright finish.

With eyeliner, you can turn off minor errors you make, especially when queuing, by applying concealers to this area.

You can still apply your concealer as lipstick to make your lipstick more permanent throughout the day and to neutralize your lip color before applying lipstick.

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