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6 trending tracks from the new season

Pile is pretty much at the forefront of next season. In addition to top-down pleated skirts and dresses, the pile will also feature detail in the clothes. From asymmetrical blouses to dresses, battery details will attract a lot of attention. In particular, it will be an indispensable detail in organza and silk fabrics.


a woman wearing a long black dress
a woman walking on a red carpet
a woman wearing a green coat and a black skirt
Trish Goff in a red coat

Chanel's classic tweed patterns and fabrics are featured in many brands' fashion shows this season. In the Fall/Winter 2018 season, tweed fabric and pattern jackets, as well as dresses and skirts, will be very trendy. Tweeds will be presented in darker and denser colors next season.


Natalie Ogg in a dress walking on a dirt path
a person wearing a dress
a person wearing a black coat
a person wearing a pink and green dress and a pink cape
a person wearing a suit and tie
a person wearing a garment

Leather dresses that symbolize brave and assertive women will be in everyone's closet next season. Leather dresses reflecting all styles and women are included in the collections as seen in autumn/winter fashion shows. Leather dresses that appeal to every woman, from miniskirts to maxi skirts, narrow silhouettes to masculine cuts, will be an indispensable trend.


a person wearing a red dress and sunglasses walking on a runway
a person in a black dress
a woman wearing a dress
a person walking down a runway
Hannah Ferguson wearing a brown coat and brown boots

Animal patterns are back at the Autumn/Winter fashion shows. Animal patterns, especially leopard patterns, will be at the forefront of coats, jackets and accessories. Next season will feature a more luxurious, better quality and more feminine style.


a person wearing a leopard print suit
a person wearing a fur coat and boots
Gigi Hadid walking down a runway
Nicole de Boer wearing a dress
a person walking down a runway

Metallic details and colors, which have been indispensable in recent times, will continue to be an ambitious trend next season. This Autumn/Winter season, metallic silver tones will be featured in everyone's wardrobe. Inspired by Olivier Rousteing's collection for Balmain, ambitious and striking metallic silver pieces are waiting for us next season.


a woman wearing a dress
a woman wearing a dress and sunglasses
a woman wearing a long coat and red boots
a person wearing a dress
a person walking on a runway

Another trend for next season will be ponchos. Ponchos will be included not only in jackets, but also in dresses. Large and wide shawls will be used in ponchos. With this poncho trend, a more sophisticated and bohemian style will be at the forefront.


a woman wearing a coat
a person wearing a black robe and red shoes
Giambattista Valli in a black coat
a person wearing a colorful dress
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