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6 products recommendations for manicure pedicure at home

This practical kit, which you can easily carry with you: 1 nail clippers, 1 cuticle scissors, 1 mini file, 1 tweezers. A set that will be your savior anytime and anywhere.

A practical care set with 3 different heads. With these heads, you can file, correct and polish your hand and toenails.

Bonus: Practical pedicure in 5 steps

The Remington Manicure & Pedicure set consists of 12 pieces. Inside there is even a special piece for sunken nails... It is a user-friendly and multipurpose device with ergonomic design.  It also makes a difference with LED lighting.

A classic in manicure pedicure, solingen's set is durable and meets your basic needs for years to come. It contains one meat pliers, one nail pen, one steel file, one stent, one nail clippers, one tweezers and one meat repellent.

The new generation manicure care glove saves time while softening your hands. It offers strong nails and long-lasting softness. This set includes 1 Pair of Keratin Manicure Gloves, 1 Nail File, 1 Towel and 1 Nail Meat Repellent.

A care kit that makes the nails look well-groomed.  Designed for practical manicure application. The set includes nail file, nail clippers, nail flesh scissors, nail flesh pliers and nail meat scrapers.

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