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6 perfume recommendations with clean fragrance

This perfume is trapped in a bottle of that clean smell that spreads 10 minutes after it starts raining. We are sure that you will love its relaxing smell as much as we do.

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This perfume will remind you of the smell of orange blossom coming through your window in the morning. This fresh smell, which comes out as a "love story", continues throughout the day without disturbing you.

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At the end of her work with perfume expert Anne Flipo, Jo Malone released a collection inspired by English gardens. This collection, called the Herb Garden Collection, contains 5 different fragrances. Our favorite smell combines the smells of wild strawberries and herbs.

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Perfume presents itself as a "lazy Sunday", but in our opinion it is the most beautiful combination of valley lilac, white musk and silhat essence notes. The description of the smell written on the bottle says it smells like soft bed linen. It could be a new discovery for lovers of clean smell.

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Imagine a garden by the Nile. You are accompanied by a fragrance of a mixture of mango and lotus flower notes. This perfume, which has an exotic smell, not sugary, will give you freshness with its sycamore smell.

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According to the brand's description, this fragrance was created when Thierry Mugler had a very likable taste for a soap he saw in Morocco and he had an adaptation of it to perfume. This perfume, which consists of a mixture of orange blossom essence and bergamot, will give you energy and movement.

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