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6 nutrients that are good for teeth in summer

The consumption of fibrous and hard foods in addition to the main meals and in the intermediate meals will both help to clean the plaque that forms on our teeth and increase saliva secretion as we make more chewing movements to consume fibrous and hard foods. Increasing saliva flow will help clean our teeth naturally and maintain acid balance in the mouth. As an example of these hard foods; we can give nutrients such as apples, plums, carrots, celery.

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The fats in the foods, whose consumption in intermediate meals such as nuts are also beneficial for our general health, will prevent the accumulation of plaque on our teeth. At the same time, nuts fall into the category of hard foods, so in addition to cleaning the tooth surface, it will help increase the flow of saliva.

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In addition, the consumption of foods containing calcium will protect us from gum disorders. This is why the frequent consumption of foods such as milk, yogurt, cheese, kefir is important. In addition, eating cheese after meals will provide the acidic balance that has changed in the mouth and protect our teeth from caries.

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The consumption of parsley will be useful in our disposal of toxins in terms of our general health, as well as free us from bad breath during the day.

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In addition, the consumption of green tea, like parsley, helps us to get rid of toxins and edema, digestion and bad breath. Green tea ensures the elimination of bacteria in the mouth thanks to the substances in it. Frequent consumption of green tea is one of the measures that can be taken against oral cancers.

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Fish is one of the most important support foods in strengthening our teeth and bones thanks to its phosphorus content. Therefore, fish should be consumed at least once a week for healthier teeth.

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